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Wordpress Plugin Moves Business to Automation


Doral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- As an affiliate marketer, much time is spent working on the site and getting customers to come in. The goal is to get people to spend money and for the business to earn profits. This can be a very trying practice, since so much time is eaten with developing videos and webinars for the business.

“Those who are bogging themselves down in their websites are missing the important parts, namely, bringing in profit via the website,” said Mo Ali, CEO of

What they need is a way to automate some of the processes outside of credit card and money transfers to help expedite customers to their websites. There is an answer.

“There was at one time advertising for “sea monkeys.” The tagline was “Just add water,” and the small animals would grow. This is true with the WordPress plugin from,” said Mr. Ali.

Many think and feel webinars are dead and well-overused, so the market is saturated with people who are throwing up webinars anywhere they can.

“Webinars are very much alive in other markets,” said Mr. Ali.

Much like sea monkeys, AutoWebinarPress does the work for the affiliate marketer. All the hard work is done via business automation.

Mr. Ali has taken a simple WordPress blog and turned it into a powerhouse plugin that automates webinars.

“There is literally nothing to it. It will take five minutes of time from nothing to an automated webinar that will do two things: 1. Bring in traffic; 2. Bring in profits,” said Mr. Ali.

Mr. Ali has a ridiculously low price, but it will not be this low for long. Someone will eventually take his website down. Those who want to bring in more profits with less work need to act and act fast.

“I am trying to keep this up,” said Mr. Ali.

More information about Auto Webinar Plugin is available at the website. Visit for more details.
Mo Ali – CEO, AutoWebinarPress