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A New Website for Publishing and Selling WordPress Themes and Web Solutions Called Codebasket Has Been Launched on the 7th May 2014


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- is an online platform for buying, developing, publishing and selling WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, php scripts, ruby, .net, frameworks, mobile codes and more. It is a One Stop Code Marketplace that is just launched to provide attractive conditions for authors from all over the world.

Authors know how beneficial and exciting their selling experience is when people are satisfied with their products. This gives them opportunity to earn more and develop even more useful products for the market.

However, many developers cannot find the right place to offer their great products and cannot benefit from them.

CodeBasket provides a great chance to all the authors to start selling their products to the people, who are interested in them. This One Stop Code Marketplace offers them to register and become members to be able to explore the site and learn more about the authoring and limitations, along with useful selling ideas that will help them earn more money.

The ‘Becoming an Author’ page provides members with very simple-to-follow steps, where they can choose the desired selling preference. After the procedure is completed, CodeBasket gives the authors an opportunity to make good money on every item that is sold providing them with 70% commission.

There is an interactive forum that members can use on CodeBasket. This is a place, where all of them can get the answers to their concerns, questions and doubts. They can also get some useful info on different topics and current projects and learn from more experienced authors. The aim for making this forum area is to keep members positive and well motivated to use CodeBasket in reaching their goals.

There are some specific quality requirements that should be met by the author before offering his product on CodeBasket. The new item cannot contain abusive content, should be high quality and useful for general users, to have some aesthetic characteristics and certain level of customizability to make it more desirable for the prospects.

CodeBasket is the perfect place for both developers who would like to work for themselves and earn extra money and for buyers, who would like to keep up with their approaching deadlines and find easy solution that will help their business to grow. This site provides a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to help each other in reaching their goals.

All the authors and developers that would like to offer their products and sell themes online are welcomed to showcase them at where they can earn great money from selling them.

About CodeBasket
A newly launched CodeBasket ( is an online shop for web and tech related solutions, such as Ecommerce, JavaScript, NetScripts, PHP Scripts, CMS, HTML5, Mobile, WordPress, CSS and much more. This is an online marketplace where developers and web designers can sell their web products and clients can search for the most recent and quality web solutions and buy them.