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Wordpress Website Design Company EMEA Studio Opens New Office in Edinburgh, UK; Offers Free Quotes


Edinburgh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- EMEA Studio, UK’s leading Wordpress design and Development Company has opened new office in Edinburgh, U.K. The company, online at Emeastudio.co.uk has gained success by offering competitive pricing and unique designs. With their success in the Wordpress industry, the company hopes to continue to offer their services more efficiently by extending to the Edinburgh office.

According to the website, wordpress website design is widely popular due to the various technical benefits over other providers. The website states that the ability to customize wordpress websites surpasses others due to the availability of plug-ins, custom themes and tweaking capabilities. Further the website also informs that major corporations such as CNN, eBay, Sony, GM, Forbes, Reuters and many more are powered by Wordpress.

Due to the immense popularity of Wordpress, some of the websites have become a victim of hacking. EMEA Studio provides solutions for all hacked wordpress websites. On completion of a quick form the company contacts the customer within 2 hours and offers assistance immediately. The company has gotten positive feedback for their solutions to hacked websites, and has protected many Wordpress websites from any future attacks by implementing their knowhow.

The company has also been offering wordpress speed optimization. Slow loading speed is caused due to many factors according to EMEA Studio - Inefficient coding, overuse of plug-ins, high quality graphics, inefficient hosting, and multiple backgrounds being the major culprits. EMEA Studio offers wordpress speed up without comprising on quality. “Our highly experienced professionals and coders work tirelessly to make the wordpress website load as fast as possible” claims EMEA Studio spokesperson, Alexander Swordleaf. The company states that it has improved the speed of wordpress websites 10 times in many cases.

Another feature that the company is known for is wordpress intranet design. They hope to expand their services further in this domain with the new office, states Mr. Swordleaf. EMEA Studio promises secure, easily accessible, functional and high quality solutions for intranet designs. After providing details of the intranet design required, the company gives its free quotes and suggestions.

About EMEA Studio
EMEA Studio, based out of Edinburgh, U.K. is one of the leading companies working in the domain of Wordpress website design and development. Through their online platform, http://emeastudio.co.uk, the company offers free quotes for personalized Wordpress websites and channels their efforts for design and development for wordpress platform. The company is known in the technical community for their knowhow in web optimization, speed enhancement and solutions for Wordpress websites.

For more information about Wordpress website design, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of emeastudio.co.uk, please call at +44(0)131-208-1335 or email at sales@emeastudio.co.uk.