Work from Home Blogger Points out Fallacies About USANA Scam


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Multi-level marketing, or MLM’s, have earned a bad rap among many people. Most MLM programs fail because the products do not do as they are purported or, more commonly, the independent representative loses faith in the company. Neither is the case with USANA.

“USANA has earned a reputation of being a scam. Independent analysis has proven this to be the contrary,” said Sandy McQueen of

USANA sells supplements and has done a good job of providing a fair product to the people. It is here that the USANA scam falls apart.

“In terms of a product, this one is actually good for both the seller and the buyer,” said McQueen.

The USANA scam concept is a falsehood because unlike many MLM programs, USANA pays you for all of the products you yourself sell.

“Those who assume the USANA scam is true either have not tried the program themselves or they believe all MLM’s are scams. USANA provides an excellent opportunity for you to start a business and a lucrative one at that,” said McQueen.

USANA will help you part of the way, but it will ultimately be up to you for the success of the business.

“If you want success with USANA or any other home business you must realize it is going to take hard work. There is no magic formula or hidden talent for it; just hard work,” said McQueen.

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