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Work & Travel Documentary Project Exploring Student Exchange in the USA Is Open for Contributions on Indiegogo

Nemanja Veskovic, an upcoming director and photographer, is all set to create a work and travel documentary to explore student exchange industry in the USA. In order to complete the documentary project, he has started an Indiegogo campaign that is now open for contributions.


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Every year, a number of young people come to the United States to work and study or for traveling purpose. These people face different types of unexpected situations during their stay in the country. Filmmaker and photographer, Nemanja Veskovic intends to document all these conditions that a student often faces through a documentary. He wants to present a real story of the student exchange industry in the US, and has started an Indiegogo campaign to gather necessary funding to complete the documentary.

The campaign was started on June 30, 2014 with a goal of $30,000 to achieve by its closing date of August 14, 2014. Nemanja Veskovic invites more and more funders to contribute to the project and help develop the documentary that will bring forth the issues and challenges that a student has to face while coming to the USA for studying. He feels that the documentary will prepare students to overcome barriers and challenges that they would face during their short stay in the country. But at the same time, it will educate the local landlords and employers about the problems that a student might face coming from another country. This will help develop a harmonious relation between them and this is the intended objective that Nemanja wants to achieve through his documentary.

Speaking about the campaign, Nemanja states, "Every dollar counts and one can start contributing as low as $1 only. However, a donor will be able to download the full HD of the documentary for a minimum contribution of $25." The maximum donation amount is $5,000 and the donor will entitle to receive great perks and rewards for donating with such a generosity.

Sladjana Tvrdisic, who is the Co-producer of the documentary, is pretty confident that they will get support from many people. She says, "The funds raised through the campaign will help us complete the film and will enable us to tell a story that has never been told before." All team members involved in the creation of the documentary believe that it is a unique story that will appeal to the audience, particularly who have interests in the fields of student exchange in the country. In order to learn more about the project or to make a contribution, one may follow the link

About Work & Travel Documentary Project
Work & Travel Documentary is a film to explore the student exchange program in the US. The creators of the documentary have started an Indiegogo campaign to gather necessary funding to complete the film. Nemanja Veskovic is the director and Sladjana Tvrdisic is the co-producer of the documentary.

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