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Work Union Jobs - The New Way to Search for Union Jobs

Introducing the newest, easiest way to post and search for Union Jobs in the United States! Finding the right person to join your organization can be challenging. WorkUnionJobs.com makes your search easy.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- Let us introduce a new way to search for union jobs in the United States that is better, faster, and offers more safety and controls for job posters and seekers alike. Finally America has another way to search for Union Jobs.

WorkUnionJobs.com offers the next generation of internet users an easier way to search for union jobs listings made available by union or similar organizations, whether it’s in their home town or across the United States.

With employment numbers holding at stubbornly high rates across the country, on the best ways to find employment right now is through American unions, who are fighting to maintain a living wage across a variety of industries.

“We believe collective bargaining right is a human right and every person applying for job can benefit from labor unions,” stated Edward Cantu, spokesperson for Work Union Jobs. “We hope to provide an easy interface for both those who are posting jobs and those who are searching for jobs,” Cantu stated.

Work Union Jobs offers a labor organization, non-profits, and other similar organization the ability to easily post their job listing making their listing accessible to anywhere in the world.

“What organizations will like about our website is the extraordinary ability for them to create, edit, and publish their own job listing and launch it online. They can add video, graphics, text, links, and offer any other media to their job posting. If they don’t like it, they can start all over again without any hassles,” stated Cantu.

Work Union Jobs was developed to provide an “easy” user experience for searching jobs in their state or city, however, every job will be available for national exposure.

“We really enjoyed the customer service we received when placing our job posting,” one recent job provider said. “We know that we will continue to work with Work Union Jobs in the future!”

With special features as a large American map, hot spotted for each state, or an easy-to-use search field, you can look at search for available positions.

For job posters, they can create their own company profile and add a variety of media to their job listing.

For more information on how to place your job listing or search for American union/labor jobs, visit http://www.WorkUnionJobs.com or Mail contact@workunionjobs.com