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Work Van Equipment Offers Great Ford Package

Outfit Your Van with Four New Packages


Walnut, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- Work Van Equipment, bringing the highest quality equipment to vans everywhere, is proud to announce a new line of van equipment packages compatible with Ford vans. Anyone that uses a van for business knows that it isn’t just the van that does the job – it’s the organization inside it. That’s why Work Van Equipment is offering four different packages to suit the needs of any kind of businessman.

When it comes to shelving systems, Work Van Equipment has you covered. Their packages are designed specifically for the kinds of work that demand the use of a van. Additionally, each one is individually tailored to be a perfect fit within a Ford model van. With this level of specification, there’s no more extra work that needs to be done to make sure the shelving units fit properly within the van. Furthermore, there is no longer any reason to fret that the shelves installed will fall around or collapse during motion. Since each package is designed to the inch, the perfect fit is no longer out of reach. Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, or a member of a secret government agency on a stakeout, all your equipment will fit in your van perfectly.

In addition to van packages, Work Van Equipment also offers other accessories to upgrade and increase the efficiency of a van. They sell packages tailored for GM vans, as well as a multitude of truck racks and ladder racks. “We know that you can’t just throw your equipment in the back of the van and call it a day,” said a spokesperson for the company. “When you’re on the job, you need everything in its right place, or you’re going to lose precious time. That’s where we have you covered.”

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Founded as more and more mobile businesses sprang up, Work Van Equipment has been dedicated to outfitting vans with quality shelving systems at the lowest prices on the market. Their team of customer service representatives is available to help clients find the solutions they need for their business. No matter what kind of upgrade is in need, Work Van Equipment has an affordable and efficient solution. For more detail please visit,