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"Work" Your Way out of Pregnancy Discomforts California Fitness Singapore Launches Pilates Pre & Post Natal Works

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Now there’s a reason to hit the gym even if you are pregnant. Today, California Fitness Singapore launches, for the first time, their Pre & Post Natal Pilates Works for their pregnant members.

Pilates Works includes a series of tailor-made postures especially customized for the pregnant body to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy, alleviate mood swings and relax the body and mind.

During pregnancy, center of gravity shifts in the body as the baby grows, and the individual might get clumsy. Hormonal changes take place to prepare the woman’s body for childbirth and inevitably cause more muscular strains. There might even be changes to the abdominal muscles.

Pilates Works help mitigate these issues by developing a stronger core using low impact-low intensity series of controlled yet challenging movements. It targets the deep postural muscles to build strength from inside out. Core stability, mobility and flexibility improve which in turn promotes good posture during pregnancy.

Concurrently, these exercises offer both physical and mental relaxation. This calming effect has a direct impact on the mood of the pregnant woman. She can go through pregnancy with a greater sense of wellbeing and reduce the chances of pre and post-natal depression.

Pilates Works is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women to support their body changes as the baby grows and prepares it for birth and help to recover after giving birth. It might even help new moms get back in shape post pregnancy.

"At California Fitness Singapore, we are always looking for comprehensive ways to provide for the fitness needs of our customers," said Mr Anthony Pan, Senior Vice President of Singapore and Shanghai. "We identified pregnant women as a gap in offering. We don’t want them to lose out in the nine months of pregnancy. Pilates Works fits this need perfectly."

Pilates Works is available at California Fitness Orchard Club and is suitable for any stage of pregnancy or level of experience with Pilates. Given the differing needs of each participant, classes will be limited to small groups to allow effective personal attention from the instructor. It will be set in a relaxed and cozy environment.

As with any exercise programme, especially during pregnancy, interested individuals are to seek medical advise before joining the session.

For more information on class schedules please contact Orchard Club on 6834 2100.

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