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Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Explains the Effect of Sleep Disorders on Nurses


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2019 -- Recent research has shown that many nurses across America may be suffering from a variety of sleep disorders. These could contribute to accidental deaths and medical errors in hospital settings. As Georgia's most reputable workers' comp lawyer, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson have explained the effects and consequences of sleep disorders on nurses.

As a profession, nursing is often subjected to high levels of stress and long working hours. Consequently, nurses run the risk of insomnia, sleep deprivation, shift work disorders, and many other sleep-related issues.

An online study by the University of Oklahoma Health Services Center questioned 1,165 nurses about their sleeping habits. The results showed how dangerous an aspect this is in their jobs. The results showed that close to half of the nurses reported less than seven hours of sleep per night. With seven to nine hours per night being recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, many nurses are putting their health at risk.

Thirteen percent of those studied use medication to stay awake, and 31% showed symptoms of shift work disorder. A further 18.5% were affected by a form of obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation and disorders can have disastrous consequences for nurses. Research has stated that every year, there are almost 100.000 deaths in the U.S alone caused by medical errors. Some of these errors were reported to be influenced by sleep issues from medical staff.

Sleep deprivation can cause an intoxicating effect in the brain, similar to that of alcohol. Further research must be conducted so that nurses schedules can be adjusted to prevent illness and medical negligence in both nurses and patients. For more information, or to contact Atlanta's leading workers' compensation lawyer, visit The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson website today at

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