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Working Outside the Box: Changing to Meet out of Hours Customer Expectations


Hertford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- New research has found that employees are increasingly dealing with customer enquiries outside of 'normal working hours,' leading to companies seeking more efficient and flexible mobile solutions.

The research, carried out by alldayPA found that 40% more worker time is spent dealing with customers outside traditional 9am to 5pm office hours, compared with three years ago, creating a rapid demand for 24-hour services such as scheduling and booking tools.

Legal and e-commerce businesses have seen the biggest rise in 8am to 8pm working – legal firms have seen an 80% rise in calls outside 9am to 5pm, while for e-commerce it is 60%.

Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS Technology said: "Customer expectations are changing radically whereby longer 'opening' hours are seen as the norm rather than the exception. This is largely due to the influx in mobile technology allowing us all to work on a much more agile basis. It is up to companies to keep up with the demand and embrace tools that allow employees to maintain office contact from any location, at any given time."

Businesses are adapting to these changing customer expectations implementing technologies such as NFS Rendezvous Workspace solution that offers the necessary software to support organisations on their journey towards flexible working best practice.

With Rendezvous, employees can instantly log in at any time to schedule meetings and book rooms on a 24 / 7 / 365 basis to deal with any customer enquiries. This can also be done via any mobile device using Rendezvous Mobile, itself designed to deliver on the resource booking requirements of staff on the move.

Luis concluded: "Getting additional support from technology and specialist software systems that have been carefully created for the more agile working environment eases the out-of-hours burden and ensures a consistent, professional service for customers. Rendezvous is a great example of a cost effective system that provides outstanding flexibility for the business user in an increasingly mobile workplace."

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