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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- The days of the traditional sweat suit, with matching jacket and pants made of warm cottony material are over. Most of these have been retired to house wear to keep warm, being replaced with stylish and functional workout clothing that provide comfort and safety during a workout.

It may come as a surprise that wearing the right clothing can make a difference in workout satisfaction. But this is often the case, and there are things one should watch for when purchasing clothing for exercise that will make the overall fitness experience more enjoyable.

A cotton t-shirt may seem the economic solution, but cotton traps perspiration and clings to the skin. During the summer, this prevents the body from cooling properly and in the winter it can cause a person to get more chilled. For this reason, it’s best to invest in workout clothing made from performance fabrics that wick away moisture from the skin and help regulate body temperature.

This type of fabric is available in shirts, pants, sports bras, running tights, socks and even underwear for total comfort during an exercise routine. Comfort is an important part of picking out exercise clothing. If it’s too tight or restrictive, this discomfort can lead to pausing to adjust clothing rather than moving forward with the workout. Same if the clothing is too large, or chafes areas of the body. Ensure proper fit when picking out exercise gear to allow for total body comfort during a workout and maximum fitness potential.

Layers are wonderful for staying warm at the beginning of an exercise as they can be removed when the body heats up, but make sure the layers are appropriate for the workout. Baggy clothes and jackets won’t keep you covered during a down-dog pose in yoga class, and aren’t the best choice for cycling workouts as they can inhibit movement. Watch the fit and how the clothing sits on the body in addition to comfort.

Style is important, so find pieces that flatter the body and increase confident, but comfort will be the key determining factor in how often the clothing will be worn, and if it will support physical movement during the workout. Clothing can make or break physical performance, therefore choice matters when picking out pants for a cycling class or determining the best top for a daily run.

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