Full Body Workout Routines Explained on New Website from Fitness Expert


Centreville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2011 -- The Full Body Workout Website was recently launched by personal trainer and fitness guru Sammy Alashwal. The site is intended as an educational resource that forgoes touting products, systems or businesses in the fitness industry to get to the heart of full body workout routines that benefit men and women.

The average American is inundated with workout solutions tied to a product or business that distract from the goal of finding solid advice on creating a workout regimen that fits their busy lives. “I wanted to create an educational site that reviews the absolute best and most effective full body workouts that are available to help educate men and women on their merits and simplicity,” said Website founder and fitness expert Sammy Alashwal.

Total body workout routines are ideal for busy men and women because they hit every body part more often than a split schedule, thereby providing more chances to actually stimulate muscle growth. Additionally, working the whole body emphasizes peak heart rate, which leads to enhanced fat loss results.

Rather than providing a general full body workout, the site is tailored to the specific needs of each gender to reflect the male/female body type differences as well as potential lifestyle and goals. The site is further divided into techniques and routines for those looking to lose weight, build muscle mass or generally maintain a healthy lifestyle

The overarching theme is education on how just 30 minutes per day/three times a week can accomplish the transformation for even the most busy adult. “Today’s adults work hard both in and outside the home so everyone’s time is stretched to the limit,” said Alashwal. Full body workouts eliminate the excuses because everyone can spare 30 minutes three times a week to transform their physical health and mental outlook.”

While the goals for each individual may be different, the site explains the overall approach as well as the details to each day of the three day-a-week workout routine. From plank techniques that require no equipment to full body workouts with barbells, the site explains how to simultaneously work all of the major muscles of the body without hype or product endorsements. “If people have unimpeachable knowledge on what works, they can achieve the health, happiness and peace of mind that they need in these difficult times,” said Alashwal. For more information on Full Body Workout, please visit