Naperville Physical Therapy Announces Release of Helpful Workplace Exercise Calendar


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Naperville Physical Therapy of Naperville, Illinois recently announced the release of an innovative new desktop calendar that features three daily exercises for each day of the week. Owner Mary Rachford, a physical therapist herself created this helpful calendar for businesses with employees wanting to stay in shape while at work . According to Mary “the exercises can be done throughout the day in an office setting, and do not require any type of equipment. Many employees utilize just a chair, a wall or the space around their desk.”

The exercises featured on the calendar display the name of the exercise, an illustration showing how to perform the exercise, and three steps to complete the exercise, including how many seconds to hold (if applicable), how many repetitions, and how many sets to do per day. For the weekend, the calendar pages contain encouraging messages, small goals and a suggestion on how to improve the employee’s health in the upcoming week.

One of the most unique aspects of the calendar is how the routines get progressively challenging as the year goes by. Anyone who starts using the calendar on January 1 will find that they have made great progress by December 31. By starting off slowly, employees will not get discouraged and sore, thus preventing them from continuing to perform subsequent exercises. Instead, employees will gradually build up to more difficult exercises and stretches that will enable greater flexibility and strength throughout the year.

Mary created the calendar at the request of WorkSpace WorkOuts co-owner Tina Lehman. Tina is one of Mary’s patients, and after trying unsuccessfully to find a calendar product like this on the internet she approached Mary with the idea of creating one.. For Mary it was a chance to give her patients a helpful tool and exactly what Tina wanted to stay in shape. The calendar has proven to be so successful that they decided to market it to other business owners.

Studies have shown that exercise boosts employee productivity, enhances their mood and promotes better teamwork between workers. With the rising cost of healthcare, both employers and employees alike are looking for ways to stay in better shape. This calendar is designed to help businesses and their employees facilitate that goal.

Those interested in learning more about this unique calendar can visit the company’s website at or email