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Worktop Factory Reveals Why Granite Worktops Are the Best Kitchen Countertops


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Worktop Factory reveals why granite worktops are regarded as quality worktops not just by homeowners but also by top contractors and professionals. It provides information about what granite is and about selecting the ideal granite worktop for kitchens and other areas of a home or business.

According to Worktop Factory, any kitchen needs good Granite Worktops. It will improve the value of any home by giving it a glossy and luxurious feel. Granite is described as classy, beautiful and sophisticated which never fails to impress. Granite is also a part of a well-designed kitchen since it provides the homeowner freedom and versatility in this room of the house.

Worktop Factory is a distributor of fine quality granite online. It offers the most popular colours, historical colours, different granite finishes and fabrication options for residential and commercial installations. It guarantees customers granite worktops of high quality and affordable price since it orders directly from the manufacturer; this is also the reason why Worktop Factory is able to offer the best prices all year round.

Worktop Factory further describes kitchen renovations as one of the “biggest investments” that homeowners will be making. And thus it is important that they choose the best quality materials for renovation. Investing in the best materials especially materials for quality kitchen worktops, will greatly increase the value of a home and this will greatly benefit the homeowner should he decides to lease or sell his property.

Worktop Factory provides important information on why granite is the ideal kitchen worktop material to use. Granite is one of the hardest materials. It has a Mohr’s hardness rating of 7 and uses a diamond-tipped tool to cut it to the ideal size and shape. The company uses only the highest quality granite slabs which are resistant to high temperatures, stains and spills. And despite these properties, Granite Countertops are the easiest to clean using only soap and water truly making it an ideal material for kitchen countertops.

The distributor has the most granite colours and styles. This natural stone comes in so many different colours, styles and colour combinations because there is actually no two slabs of granite that are alike. This makes it even more suitable to improve a kitchen’s appeal and will greatly enhance other dull areas of this room like the kitchen walls, cabinets and cupboards. The beauty of granite has made it more than a material to use in residential applications but it has also become suitable in other establishments like shopping centres, restaurants, casinos, spas and banks.

Worktop Factory offers customized service. Customers may take advantage of a free quote by checking out the company’s official site at or by calling 0845 862 1054. Customers should call to secure a granite worktop as soon as possible.

Worktop Factory guarantees a 100% tailor made kitchen worktop solution for homeowners as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services. Interested customers are recommended to get in touch with the company as soon as they can.

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Worktop Factory is a leading specialist fabricator and importer of quartz and granite worktops offering their comprehensive services throughout the UK. On offer are worktops of the highest quality that are specifically designed with the highest attention to detail and fabricated to meet each consumers demand. The Worktop Factory will not be beaten on choice or service.

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