Workwear and Leisure Helps Businesses in Response to Predictions of a Harsh Winter


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- With experts predicting one of the coldest winters on record in 2012, one company is helping struggling businesses by reducing prices on workwear needed to keep staff members warm. Workwear and Leisure (, a UK based company, has reduced prices on all of their items in preparation for the predicted harsh winter months. Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert is quoted as saying, "January to February will be the best chance for cold air coming out of Siberia." The bitter cold air that swept into Europe during the first two months of 2012 was responsible for hundreds of deaths. There mere thought of a repeat of these conditions has prompted many business owners to be prepared in advance.

The Met Office, UK’s official forecaster has made a prediction of its own stating, "It is almost twice as likely that ­temperatures will be well below ­average than well above average from November to January." Predictions made by the Met Office are based on several factors including forecast models, historical data, and the opinions of expert forecasters. Additional information related to the 2012-2013 Met Office forecast can be found by visiting:

Workwear and Leisure ( provides work clothing solutions that can meet needs should these predictions become a reality. Outdoor workers, in particular, must be prepared to dress appropriately when the temperature drops. Proper workwear in cold conditions could be a matter of life and death. The importance of owning the appropriate work clothing cannot be overstated.

In response to the predictions of a colder winter, Workwear and Leisure reduced the price of all of the warmth producing workwear on their website. This includes items such as jackets, shirts, protective clothing, trousers, and more. Each of these items are often purchased by business owners who cover the cost of work uniforms. A search for lower prices is often part of the selection process.

Despite the price reductions, Workwear and Leisure continues to offer free next day delivery on all online orders that are placed prior to 8pm. Orders placed prior to this time will be delivered by noon the next day. Fast and free shipping is yet another way that business owners and individuals who are responsible for purchasing work clothing can save a substantial amount of money this winter. Free shipping is now something that consumer’s value highly, listing this perk as a major motivator to making a purchase online.

The variety of products offered by Workwear and Leisure is impressive. Not only are there work clothing options for all business types, embroidery and printing services are available. These optional additions are now preferred by many business owners who value the opportunity to have staff be dressed in a professional manner while displaying the business name or logo to each and every individual they encounter during the work day. When combined with the reduced prices now being offered, printing options become even more affordable.

Experts advise not only owning a large selection of winter work clothing, but a number of accessories such as hats, gloves, and waterproof shells that can be worn in addition to jackets and other clothing. Workwear and Leisure has included their line of accessories in the recent price reductions. These items do qualify for the same free shipping offered on standard winter work clothing.

Workwear and Leisure currently offers shipping throughout Europe. Each of the large range of products can be ordered online. The company offers a large amount of stock, along with the ability to view the current stock amount of each item directly online. The company has decided not to require any minimum order size despite the recent price drops. Shoppers are free to order a single item, or hundreds. The free next day shipping offer remains in place regardless of the amount of product that is ordered.

With so many now predicting a harsh winter, Workwear and Leisure has taken the action required to help struggling businesses provide warm clothing to everyone on their staff. Workwear and Leisure does not market products solely to other businesses. Purchases can be made by anyone in need of low-priced workwear. To learn more about the products and prices offered by this company, visit:

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