Millionaire Operating System Entrepreneurs Provide Steps to Online Business Opportunities


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Chris Benoit of plans to announce publicly today a unique opportunity provided in a step-by-step system that allows anyone to establish a successful Online Home Business.

Chris Benoit, media contact, was asked why the system was developed. "I currently have an online home based business that took me many years to figure out how to make money. I meticulously took notes on the steps I took that worked and left out the ones that cost me money. This step-by-step system helps people succeed rather than falling victim to Internet scams. Work from home businesses were scarce just 15 years ago, so I was able to get in on the ground floor, so-to-speak".

When asked what someone will learn using the new system, Benoit anxiously responded, "Our company has teamed with Jeff Lerner who has his own Millionaire Operating System "MOS\" and together we are offering powerful training modules, which can help even those without experience learn to market on the Internet. Jeff also struggled financially for years as musician, but found out the same thing I did - marketing and specific steps are what makes Internet businesses successful".

Benoit went on to say, "Let's face it, no matter what business you're in, you will have a lot of competition - there is nothing you can think up as a business endeavor that someone else has not thought about or tried. So you have to ask yourself, why is one man or woman successful and another fails? Quite simply, one learned how to harness the power of the Internet to market and the other didn't. Business has always been about marketing and with the Internet firmly established, this is where the marketing must take place.

Benoit also added, "It began to sadden us to see so many good, hard-working people not making good money on the Internet and running into scams that promised the moon but delivered nothing. This is what made us decide to show people in an easy-to-understand guide how to succeed at owning a home-based online business".

A final question posed to Benoit was what the future holds for and "We've teamed up to truly make a bigger impact in the lives of those that want a real online business opportunity that will pay off. Both Jeff Lerner and I are passionate and committed 100 percent to helping others reach their full potential. People we have helped separately are now successful home-based business owners, so combining our forces makes it that much sweeter for anyone who wants to be their own boss, call all the shots, and be as successful as he or she chooses."

Chris Benoit has been successful with online home based businesses having used his 20+ years experience in finance and hospitality to help give him the leverage he needed. He understands what it is like to take the safe route since he worked in corporate America after graduating college with a degree in economics. This job didn't last and he found himself remodeling homes and doing quite well with it but that all ended with the housing bust. The last straw for Chris was investing in a Quiznos Sub Restaurant, which was a huge disappointment and set back, but the experience is what made him decide once and for all he would work for himself and have a home based business.