Mompreneurs Launch Life-Optimizing Microjobs Website


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- is a microjobs website that will be live March 05, 2014. Work Wizards is a friendly and trustworthy Microjob Market where busy people with extra money find vetted workers offering their services. Workers in need of cash can build up microbusinesses doing jobs they love, launch their businesses, and, when successful, circle back to Work Wizards for help for themselves when they become too busy to do all the work. The workscape is changing rapidly all around the world. For short-term employment, opportunities to work from home, find help with projects or discover ways to feel fulfilled, check out – opportunities are just a few clicks away.

The entrepreneurs are not aspiring businessmen, but regular moms who have discovered the gap that exists between people who have money but do not have time, and people who have time and want to make money. The gap can be bridged by creating connection between the two categories. The services of Work Wizards can be availed to create a connection and a win-win situation for both parties, says Kendeyl Johansen, the CEO of WorkWizards. Kim Shea adds, we are dedicated moms who realize the potential profit other individuals can make by offering their unique services and skills to help others.

People can make use of their potential in doing the things that they love most in exchange of money. Services are always in demand and someone must be eagerly waiting somewhere to avail the services. Meaningful linking of the two could generate happiness and WorkWizards can make the two meet. People with funds seeking services will find their service providers on this site. helps people to monetize what they love doing. People can build up micro-businesses doing jobs they are passionate about. We match busy people with extra funds, to people with extra time. Work Wizards can enhance your life. Use our site to monetize what you love doing. Our company will be directly measured by how successful their clients’ new microbusinesses become. This is a new way to work. Microbusinesses are a way for people to do what they love, earn extra money and become successful. Additionally, volunteer organizations in need of help can also recruit volunteers for projects on the website free of charge.




Our team consists of Kendeyl Johansen, CEO has a background as a Systems Analyst and B.S. degree in Behavior Science and Health and Kim Shea, WorkWizards Co-Founder and VP. She has a M.Ed. and B.S. in Corporate Training Management.

Name: Kendeyl Johansen
Position: CEO
Country: USA
Cell Phone: 801-898-7109