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World Best Import & Export Company Limited Manufactures Commercial Printers

World Best Import & Export Company Limited manufactures and supplies industry-class commercial computers. It manufactures printers based different technology and that have different application.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Printing technology has advanced significantly since it was invented. In the present age, graphic promotional and representation of information is in vogue. It has been possible due to the steady development of different printing technology. World Best Import & Export Company Limited is a name to be reckoned with in terms of printing provision. It manufactures various technology printers such as 3D printer, hot stamping printer, garments printer and customised gift printer. There are more varieties of printers that the company manufactures.

In addition to manufacturing, World Best Import & Export supplies its products too. It specialises in manufacture and supply of flatbed printer, which has been the main component of business for the company for 6 years. The volume of production and business done by the company is evident from the number of factories that are owned by the company. There are 5 manufacturing units under operation of World Best Import & Export. Besides, the company has co-operative relationship with many manufacturers such as Wozzland Industries, ZM Computer Consumables Firm, World Best Industries and Print the World Technology Company Limited. Such strategic approach to business enables the company provide good-quality products and impressive service to established and potential customers.

UV Printer is one of the highly utilitarian products of World Best Import & Export. It offers various advantages such as availability of white ink printing. Flatbed printer with eco solvent ink cannot print white colour except in case of textile printing. UV printers can print directly on any material such as ABS, stone, crystal glass, wood, leather, PVC, metal and plastic without any kind of treatment. Quick drying characteristic of the UV ink and embossed effect capability of the printers make UV printing technology extremely useful and relevant to the printing demand in the modern age.

UV printing technology is much advanced but flatbed printer still ha hold in the market due to its vast application. It is extensively used to print business cards, PVC cards, ID cards, soft TPU phone case and hard phone case. World Best Import & Export manufactures flatbed printers with heat function too. Though flatbed printers cannot render effect, the quality of print is too good for the market to write the printers obsolete. Both LED UV printing technology and flatbed printing technology are used for the development of a phone shell printer. From research and development to after sales service through engineering and quality control is carried out by World Best Import & Export. Since no process is outsourced, the company guarantees quality in its products.

About World Best Import & Export Company Limited
World Best Import & Export Company Limited manufactures and supplies multifunction printers, LED UV printers, hot stamping printers, UV coating machine and other products pertaining to commercial printing. It offers impressive quality and service at unmatched affordable price. Its office is located in Silvercorp International Tower at Nathan Road in Mongkok.

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