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World Challenge Coins Offers Services to Manufacture Custom Coins

World Challenge Coins, the leading challenge coin and bespoke coin manufacturer in the UK.


Dorchester, Dorset -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- World Challenge Coins, the leading challenge coin and bespoke coin manufacturer in the UK, is currently offering their services to manufacture custom coins for both small orders and large orders. The company is capable of not only manufacturing custom coins but also designing coins depending on the specifications brought by the customer.

World Challenge Coins is a coin dealer and manufacturer which specializes in challenge coins and bespoke coins. They are known for providing challenge coins for the army, navy, royal air force, royal marines, police, and other security details. They hold almost all cap badges available which makes it possible for the company to manufacture challenge coins for every company and business. For their custom and bespoke coins, customers are required to submit an image for the coin design or supply details which would give an idea of the design of the coin. Every specification of the coin including shape, size, and finishes can be customized by the customer. Customers are then sent an e-mail of the final product which they could accept or decline. Take note that there are unlimited revisions for each design meaning that the customer can opt to change the design until he/she is fully satisfied. Production of the coins usually takes a day or two depending on the amount of coins ordered. Prices for their products are subject to the material used for the coin, size of the coin, and optional edges. Other special features such as sequential numbers and epoxy coatings will incur additional costs.

World Challenge Coins has been producing coins since 2012. Their diverse selection of challenge coins attracts many customers worldwide. Their ability to manufacture bespoke and custom coins make this company ideal for memorabilia, museum pieces, and personal tokens. All of their custom coin designs go directly to their archives to prevent other people from copying the designs.

About World Challenge Coins, Ltd.
World Challenge Coins Ltd are the UK's largest producer of bespoke and custom coins as well as individual and wholesale challenge coins.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best product at the best price, all whilst working with you tirelessly to ensure you get the product you want, exactly how you want it.

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