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World Champs of Kettlebell Sport Showcase Skill During Sport Camp Distributed by Innovative Results, Inc

Innovative Results, Inc and Orange Kettlebell Club hosts first ever week-long Kettlebell Sport Camp coached by several World Champions providing sport specific lectures, demonstrations and one-on-one coaching sessions to all participants (February 2014).


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- 7 World Champions demonstrated their skills and abilities at The Second Annual California Open Kettlebell Competition hosted by Orange Kettlebell Club and Innovative Results. Each one with a different style and area of expertise, gave all participants an experience of a lifetime during the Second Annual California Open Kettlebell Championship and First Ever Week-long Kettlebell Sport Camp.

After wowing the fans of kettlebell with his snatch performance at the Cali Open, Sergey Mishin impressed the students of the Sport Camp with his amazing stories. Sergey Mishin, otherwise known as the Babe Ruth of kettlebell sport told his incredible story of growing up held back by his parents and peers, and then taking the Russian kettlebell scene by storm, winning 21 Championships in a row. He told his story, and then told the participants how he trained to get to the top, after spending so much time at the bottom. Sergey’s knowledge of the sport was a very enlightening experience for all who were present that day.

Ivan Denisov, the biggest Russian of the bunch, was actually the first Russian to beat Sergey Mishin in the Russian Championships, demonstrated some of the heaviest lifting sets that kettlebell fans have ever seen. He lifted double 36kg bells and double 40kg bells like they were filled with air. After sitting through his lectures, one is certain as to why this man is such an incredible athlete. He studies his technique, breathing, training, and timing with a genius-like intelligence. His intelligence is only bested by his strength and conditioning routines. He was even better in person for private training sessions.

Denis Vasilev, is probably the happiest Russian anyone has ever met. He loves his sport, students, training, teaching, and country with a genuine heart of gold. Just being around him you can feel his humility, despite holding several World Records and even more Championships. His exhibition lift turned into a World Record in Long Cycle, by lifting two 24 kilogram kettlebells 152 times in ten minutes. His amazing performance was only bested by his teaching and coaching of Long Cycle to all of the students present.

Aleksander Khvostov started out with an incredible performance with 4okg kettlebell snatch during the Cali Open Competition. His lifts were precise and his result was incredible. He lifted more than half of his weight for ten minutes straight—an unbelievable feat of strength, stamina, and mental toughness, and then showed each student in the Sport Camp that his training and focus is just as calculated. His smile and warmth soon spread among all of the lifters, encouraging them that he is not just a machine with a kettlebell, he is a great human with a heart for kettlebell sport.

Sergey Rachinskiy lifted all three events during the competition with so much ease, one would not even realize that he has focused more on coaching that competing over that last couple of years. His coaching is some of the most World famous, with many of his students reaching Master of Sport, and some of them holding several World records and World Championships. It was no surprise that the students of the Sport Camp were all ears when he started breaking down his methodology. He is a great speaker, and even with a translator, had the classes and students laughing as he opened their minds to another level of kettlebell sport lifting.

Sergey Merkulin seem to enjoy every moment. From coaching Ksenia, while she broke a World record, to competing on the platform in his incredible way, to giving the students more value than they paid for during the Sport Camp. Talking with him, one can sense his heart for the listener, student, and fellow-lifter. He cares about giving everything he has, so that another person can lift well and be proud of their accomplishment. Sergey Merkulin turned everyone’s heart toward himself through generosity and great teaching.

Ksenia Dedukhina, displayed the abilities of the woman kettlebell sport lifter on and off the platform. She not only broke a record in 22kg snatch, but she demonstrated what women can do in this sport. She is thin and long, a quintessential Russian brunette beauty, but one would never believe how incredible she is with a kettlebell. It was to the wonder of the spectators and students when she presented her skill during the competition, Sport Camp, and private training sessions.

This incredible lifting event was followed by an incredible Sport Camp event, and it was the hosts, organizers, and Russian lifters that made it incredible.

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