World Class Commodities Provides Unique Offshore Funding and Investment Opportunities in the Global Market


Avondale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- World Class Commodities is one of the prestigious private offshore companies, widely known for providing reliable investment and other economic opportunities to thousands of investors around the world that have successfully helped them in sustaining their future lives. The company is a professional Asset Management Consortium Group with a wealthy experience of over two decades in the International Finance and Trade Arena and is highly specialized in commodities such as gold, diamonds, banking instruments, private funding, enhancement programs and other lucrative investment programs.

According to its mission statement, World Class Commodities primarily works towards the exploration and management of viable unconventional investment options for qualified and knowledgeable investors who want to increase their financial portfolios as well as participate in profitable global markets, yielding them optimum returns and the opening of global door of opportunities.

The company strictly follows its goal to deliver its members above average returns, manage their risks and to efficiently secure their financial positions so as to help them in achieving a higher quality of life with guaranteed wealth, prosperity, independence and freedom. Its mission is based upon four main principles of loyalty, trust, sustainability and managed risks. It further offers people with an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and risk management, ultimately leading them to high yield returns. Individuals can join World Class Commodities by simply filling out the membership form at its website,, after which they will get an instant access towards the funding of their accounts. All the payments are made to the members’ current account every month while the minimum spending rate is US $2,500 with no maximum limit. The members have first right of refusal on any further opportunities. All the related transactions are handled solely online for maximum returns and efficiency. According to one of its member, there are several hundred members and the program has been paying consistently for nearly three years without a glitch.

Additionally, the membership is by invitation only and for a limited time, and the membership fees have been waived. This is the second time in three years that the company has opened its doors to new members. Members can make additional deposits as often as they want.

World Class Commodities is not an assurance to get an instant affluent lifestyle but perhaps a platform that guarantees 5-10% monthly return on its members’ investments through its effective and reliable procedures, highly trained and expert officials and an incredible level of experience. The company’s global investment programs and opportunities that effectively are coupled with accountability, loyalty, security, stability and impressive financial results are normally available for the wealthy individuals only.

In addition, it has a team of highly experienced and well-trained personnel who fully assist and guide the individuals, whether they are private, qualified or institutional investors, towards the accomplishment of their large or small financial objectives. They provide essential resources and solutions to meet or exceed their demands and expectations.

Interested individuals can visit the company’s official website, for more information. They also have a frequently asked questions tab and live online chat facility to the customer service agents to answer all the queries of an individual then and there.

About World Class Commodities
World Class Commodities is a private International Investment group of like-minded individuals to expand the quality of life, opening the global doors of opportunity. These Programs are normally created for the Institutional Investors however, for a limited time only, you can secure your position today while the doors are still open.

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