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World-Class Internet Strategist Hosts Webinar for Business Owners


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Today’s business must have at least some presence on the Internet for the best traffic, sales, revenues and of course, profits. Learning how to maximize the Internet for your business can be a tricky venture. With so much at stake, knowing the ins and outs of the Internet takes more than simply throwing a business up on the web.

“There is so much out there to be said and learned about the Internet. SEO, SERP, eCommerce and other jargon means many businesses may get lost simply trying to make sense of all of this,” said Dan Hollings, World-Class Internet Strategist.

To that end, Hollings is offering a free 40 minute training session to help businesses learn how to maximize their presence on the Internet and use the tools to their advantage. Sponsored by Business Hub, the webinar teaches not only the things to do, but the exact things to avoid when marketing locally. Most customers do not recall good service on a regular basis, but one bad experience is enough to send them away forever. Often times, those bad experiences end up posted on the Internet as well.

“Most who jump onto the Internet to market local do not know the three big marketing mistakes. This is a way to help avoid them while learning how to jump your competition by using the tools available to you,” Hollings continued.

To learn more about this webinar or to secure a seat, visit the following:; at the code box, enter the following 190439.

About Dan Hollings
Dan Hollings, a leading consultant for mega-successful clients worldwide & thousands of local businesses. Dan has assisted NYT "Best Selling" authors, hit movies such as The Secret and helped write the newest Guerrilla Marketing book. Dan is also featured as a “Top 25 Marketer” in the recent best-selling book Internet Prophets.

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