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World Landforms, a Renowned Information Portal Now Enables Readers to Know More About Shield Volcanoes

World landforms, a well-known information portal, enables readers to obtain information about Shield Volcanoes.


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- World landforms, a well-known information portal, enables readers to obtain information about Shield Volcanoes. The formation of shield volcano is fluid lava. Their structures are large, shaped like a fan and look like a shield. When gas and molten lava create pressure, magma is created and the shield volcano explodes. This lava erupts out the central vent.

There are many interesting shield volcano facts regarding its formation. There is a chamber of magma present at the bottom of the volcano which flows out during the eruption. When the eruption happens, a magma conduit acts as the main pipe delivering the magma out from the chamber toward the crust. Dike and sill are two other pipes that form by the shield volcano which lead the magma out of the chamber and erupt. When the magma intrudes the parent rock, these pipes are formed. When the volcano erupts continuously, a layer of lava is formed which is called stratum. Upon reaching the surface it solidifies. With continuous layers of stratum, a shield volcano is formed.

Shield volcanoes are one of the major landforms of the world. Volcanoes are formed in a very interesting way. When a shield volcano erupts, fumaroles let gas and steam escape which forms from the extremely heated water in the volcano. Shield volcanoes can be found in many places such as the Hawaiian Emperor Sea mount chain (Mauna Loa), East Africa (Nyamuraigra), the Galapagos Islands (Fernandina) and Iceland shield. is a renowned online portal that gives landform lesson plans to student which can be very helpful for those studying different landforms.

There are many beautiful landforms present on Earth such as plains, mountains, ocean reefs, volcanoes, and many more. One of the most interesting landforms is the volcano. Hot magma present in the core of the earth ruptures out of the crust which leads to an escape of different minerals, gases, and ashes.

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