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World Landforms Provides Enthusiasts with Shield Volcano Facts


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- World Landforms, a place to uncover every possible hidden fact about the different landforms of the world, enables people to learn about shield volcano facts. This online portal can also be called an encyclopedia.

Talking about shield volcano, one of the representatives stated, “The interesting fact about shield volcanoes is that they are formed by effusive volcanic eruptions with magma flowing in all directions to create a shield-like form. They are built of weak viscous basaltic lava. The effusive eruptions allow lava to flow longer distances than other types of volcanic eruptions making larger and thinner sheets of lava. The continuous build of these sheets over a long period of time constructs the low broad profile of a shield volcano. Shield volcanoes are known as “Hawaiian” after the Hawaiian chain where they prominently occur.”

Focusing more on the locations of shield volcanoes, he said, “Shield volcanoes are found in many parts of the world where magma wells up called hotspots. Examples are the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain (Mauna Loa), the Galapagos Islands (Fernandina), Iceland shields and East Africa (Nyamuragira).”

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