World Laparoscopy Hospital Offer Free Medicolegal Advice for Doctors and Patients

Free Medicolegal advice is being offered to patients who have suffered from negligence by a doctor and doctors who are suffering due to hostile behaviour of patient.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Most of us have heard of the Hippocratic Oath taken by all the qualified doctors upon graduation from medical school. Most people are conscious of the overall philosophy, otherwise the specifics, of this oath. A well known phrase commonly attributed to the oath is the very succinct, "First, do no harm." Iatrogenic injuries or illness in the medical industry usually occur as a result of wrong approach, improper diagnosis, harsh management, or surgical error done by surgeons and gynecologists. Medicolegal problems to the patients could include improper or overly aggressive treatment; improper application of physical electrosurgical instrument, or; inappropriate surgery.

World Laparoscopy Hospital has launched a free service where they are focused on helping individuals who have suffered through the negligence of a Doctor. Patients who have suffered from medical negligence will be able to receive free advice on how to take the matter further and go to court to claim compensation. For patients who have suffered the World Laparoscopy Hospital has the experience, the expertise and the resource to help.

On the other hand World Laparoscopy Hospital also helps the doctors who has done everything right and they are unnecessarily suffering due to patient who wants to create false medicolegal case against them. The doctors are humans, who have dedicated their life and committed their self-esteem to practice medicine. To take care of people well, doctors need thing to do correct but sometime the things are not in their hand and patient develop complication. Aim of World Laparoscopy Hospital is to educate the patient that complication is not the fault of doctors.

Negligence by a doctor can have a devastating, financial and emotional impact on a patient and their families. Suffering through a Doctors mistake can change a person’s life overnight and can result in their way of life being changed.

When a doctor makes a mistake, it can have a long lasting affect on a person’s life. It could result in permanent disability where the person who has suffered through negligence requires constant health care for the rest of their lives, or it could be a case where they require long-term health care and rehabilitation. To ensure the rights of the patient who has suffered from negligence are protected, the World Laparoscopy Hospital offers free advice on how to proceed to court and claim compensation.

Dr. R.K. Mishra, Director of World Laparoscopy Hospital said, “It is our goal to make sure the patients rights are protected if they have suffered through a medical negligence then it is their right to seek compensation.”

Through the free advice service, patients and doctors both are able to turn to the World Laparoscopy Hospital and their team to receive support and helpful resources in their efforts to obtain compensation. This can help them secure financial future that can help deal with any long-term emotional and physical problems.

Although money does not put right what a medical negligence has done and how it has affected a person’s life, it will allow the patient to buy the things they need to improve their lifestyle.

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About World Laparoscopy Hospital Free Medicolegal Advice
World Laparoscopy Hospital is a Super specialized Institute dedicated for Laparoscopic Treatment, Training and Research. The free Medicolegal advice is to help patients who have suffered through complications or negligence at the hands of a doctor. The service allows the patient and doctors to receive free advice so that they can get their rights.