World Leaders in Remote Sim Unlocking Take Another Step Further Away from Their Competition

Simlock Remote Server world leaders in remote mobile device sim unlock again releases a massive update supporting the very latest and hottest mobile phones worldwide such as the Galaxy Tab 2 models (all version), Galaxy S Blaze, Exhilarate, Galaxy Beam multiple WCDMA models, all latest Blackberries and much more.


Amsterdam, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- The Simlock Remote Server has released another massive update leaving their competition further behind than ever before. With a total of more than 20 new Samsung models, all the latest Alcatel and BlackBerry models, a new ZTE and various functional updates, Simlock Remote Server again move themselves one step ahead of the competition in the sim unlocking niche.

This update (version 12.9.14) brings you added supported for the following models:

Samsung Remote Client software
[+] P5100 Galaxy Tab 2 Direct Unlock (*need root*)
[+] SHW-M290s Direct Unlock / Read Codes
[+] S5302 Duos Direct Unlock and Imei Repair (Primary and Secondary)
[+] P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 Direct Unlock (*need root*)
[+] I8160L Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
[+] I8160P Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
[+] S5570D Direct unlock / Read Codes / Imei Repair
[+] S7500L Direct unlock / Imei Repair
[+] S6500T Direct unlock / Imei Repair
[+] T589W Direct unlock / Read Codes / Imei Repair
[+] I577 Exhilarate Direct Unlock
[+] T769 Galaxy S Blaze Direct Unlock
[+] I9000T Direct Unlock / Read Codes (*need root*)
[+] I9100T Direct Unlock (*need root*)
[+] I9300T Direct Unlock (*need root*)
[+] SHW-M240S Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
[+] SHW-M440s Direct unlock (*need root*)
[+] SHW-M380k Direct unlock (*need root*)
[+] SC02D Direct unlock (*need root*)
[+] T959D Direct Unlock (*need root*)
[+] S6500L Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
[+] S5830C Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
[+] E1086 Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] E1195L Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] E2121 Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] E1205L Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] E1220 Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] E1220T Read E2p Codes (*Uart Cable*)
[+] Improved Omap5 unlock Protocol
[+] I8530 Galaxy Beam Direct unlock / Imei Repair (*need root*)
[+] Improved SC06D unlock, no root required!
[+] Fixed support for UX500 Platform

IMEI Remote Client Software
[+] Updated Blackberry with new PRDs
[+] Updated Alcatel MTK Database
[+] Blackberry MEP-12599-004
[+] Blackberry MEP-12907-003
[+] Blackberry MEP-17568-004
[+] Blackberry MEP-24660-002
[+] Blackberry MEP-26490-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-26900-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-27501-002
[+] Blackberry MEP-27559-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-27561-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-29080-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-40488-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-46976-001
[+] Blackberry MEP-09625-003
[+] ZTE S505

Other functional updates are:

[+] Android Usercode Temporary Bypass (Android up to v3.2)
[+] NVM Read and Write for Qualcomm Chipsets on SRSPRO
[+] NVM backup to server so repair files are available for all

Samsung Remote Unlock Client:

Individuals can unlock and repair the ‘phone freeze’ message for Samsung mobile phones by cable at the comfort of their own home. This is instant and safe sim unlocking for end-users. Telecom provider freedom for everybody.

IMEI Remote unlock client:

Instant unlock codes calculation for popular brands such as BlackBerry, ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel, Motorola, Movistar, SFR, Vodafone and more. No need for cables or software. Codes are 100% genuine permanent unlocking codes.

Multi Remote unlock client:

Instant unlock Huawei, Vodafone, Movistar, ZTE and more by cable. No need to manually enter the unlock codes.

About Simlock Remote Server
The Simlock Remote Server was founded the 1st of October 2006 with the Samsung software for end-users. They started out as a response to the very complicated unlock software meant for unlocking shops only. Since the very beginning SRS is the market leader in the sim unlock segment. Over the years SRS has grown tremendously and continued to release ‘world first unlock & repair solutions’ on a regular basis. In 2008 SRS started selling unlimited accounts for professional (unlock shops) use and in 2010 SRS released the IMEI Remote Unlock client and expanded their services beyond Samsung. In the year 20120 SRS released the SRS MultiClient product expanding into direct unlock by cable for multiple brands beyond Samsung and LG 2G. Simlock Remote Server offer their services, websites and support in various languages including English, Dutch and Spanish.

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Steven Van Der Peijl

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