World Market Network Optimisation Technologies Analysis & Forecast Report 2014-2018


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Value shift in the carrier equipment sector

Our cloud & infrastructure experts have designed a new and excelling research solution providing quantitative and qualitative data as well as analyses on the main telecom network optimisation technologies for:

Traffic Management - Network Planning - Content Distribution - Cloudification - Network System Management

Two deliverables to provide you efficiently with this outstanding expertise

1. Report (ppt format)

The state of the art for key network optimisation technologies, coming along with the impact on strategies of the key telecom equipment makers (Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and NSN) and major telcos (AT&T, DT, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Verizon and Vodafone) in order to gather all necessary information to understand and assess issues & opportunities of these markets.

2. Dataset (xls)

Data & Forecasts up to 2018 covering ten main network optimisation technologies for three regions
- North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as World consolidated
- Operator CapEx consolidated by zone with a breakdown by
DPI, PCRF, Telco WiFi, Mobile Backhaul, Web & Video optimisation, CDN equipment, Transparent Caching equipment, SDN/NFV, Cloud equipment, OSS/BSS

Complete Report Available

Investment forecasts for 2014-2018 for the following market segments
Traffic management


Network design

- Telco Wifi
- Mobile backhaul

Content distribution

- Video optimization
- CDN equipment
- Transparent caching


- Cloud equipment

Telco software


Key ICT market revenues

- Telco CDN
- Telecom services
- Online video
- Cloud services

Geographical coverage

- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Global consolidation

Companies Covered

Key telecom equipment makers

- Alcatel-Lucent
- Cisco
- Ericsson
- Huawei

Major telcos

- AT&T
- DT
- Orange
- Telecom Italia
- Telefónica
- Verizon
- Vodafone

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Table of Contents

1. Executive summary
1.1. Huge challenges ahead for operators
1.2. The networks must evolve
1.3. Operators still being careful about spending
1.4. Networks at the heart of telcos' strategies
1.5. Technical-economic responses available to operators
1.6. Equipment suppliers need to find a new development path
1.7. Equipment suppliers building their business around IT services

2. Current status of network optimisation solutions markets
2.1. Traffic management
2.1.1. What is DPI?
2.1.2. DPI deployment
2.1.3. DPI ecosystem
2.1.4. The DPI market
2.1.5. What is PCRF?
2.1.6. PCRF development and impact on operators
2.1.7. PCRF deployment
2.1.8. PCRF ecosystem
2.1.9. The PCRF market
2.2. Network planning
2.2.1. What is carrier Wi-Fi?
2.2.2. Carrier Wi-Fi deployment
2.2.3. The carrier Wi-Fi ecosystem
2.2.4. The carrier Wi-Fi market
2.2.5. What is backhaul?
2.2.6. Why backhaul matters to telcos
2.2.7. Operators' backhaul deployment strategies
2.2.8. The backhaul market
2.3. Content distribution
2.3.1. CDN and transparent caching equipment
2.3.2. Impact of CDN and transparent caching on operators
2.3.3. CDN and transparent caching ecosystem
2.3.4. CDN and transparent caching market
2.3.5. Description of Web and video optimisation
2.3.6. Impact of Web and video optimisation on operators' networks
2.3.7. Web and video optimisation market ecosystem
2.3.8. Web and video optimisation market
2.4. Cloudification
2.4.1. What are SDN and NFV?
2.4.2. What SDN/NFV can do for an operator
2.4.3. SDN/NFV rollouts
2.4.4. The SDN/NFV ecosystem
2.4.5. The SDN/NFV market
2.4.6. What is cloud computing?
2.4.7. Cloud infrastructure market ecosystem
2.4.8. The cloud infrastructure market
2.5. Network systems management
2.5.1. What is OSS/BSS?
2.5.2. Impact of OSS/BSS on operators' networks
2.5.3. OSS/BSS deployments in operator networks
2.5.4. The OSS/BSS ecosystem
2.5.5. The OSS/BSS market
2.5.6. The what and why of service delivery platforms (SDP)
2.5.7. SDP ecosystem and deployment

3. How equipment suppliers are positioned and their view of industry trends
3.1. Cisco
3.2. Ericsson
3.3. Alcatel-Lucent
3.4. Huawei
3.5. NSN

4. Telco strategies
4.1. AT&T
4.2. Deutsche Telekom
4.3. Orange
4.4. Telecom Italia
4.5. Telefónica
4.6. Verizon
4.7. Vodafone

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