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World Record in Long Cycle Written By: Aaron Guyett

On February 23rd, 2014, Denis Vasilev (Russia) set the World Record in Long Cycle at the 2014 California Open Kettlebell Sport Lifting Championship in Costa Mesa, CA with a total score of 152 repetitions. Denis Vasilev is a 3 Time World Champion, and the previous World Record holder prior to this competition.


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Day two Denis Vasilev stands in front of the crowd with a face of certainty. When the timer starts to countdown from ten minutes, he picks up two 24 kg bells, and starts performing long cycle at the most blinding pace, anyone present, and viewing online has ever seen.

With a pace of 15 repetitions per minute, Denis Vasilev, the World Champion in Long Cycle, could be compared to someone sprinting a 5k. He never wavers. Never looks distraught. He breaths and moves the kettlebells with lightning intensity, and surgical perfection.

In the Long Cycle event, the lifter must swing both kettlebells back, and then up into a clean; after the clean the lifter then jerks to a fixated position “locking out” for a brief moment to be counted as a repetition.

Vasilev never breaks form, and only pauses a handful of times to blow a big breath of carbon dioxide out of his lungs.

As the final minute approaches, he continues to race the clock with his lightning movements with 106 pounds of steel weight in his grip. Every single person in the room is on their feet, cheering on every repetition.

As the crowd intensifies, so does Vasilev. He speeds up his lifts to match the crowds intensity. As the final second drops from the clock, Denis locks out in fixation one final time to beat his own World Record with 152 repetitions in ten minutes (most lifters are happy with fifty repetitions).

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