World Renowned Pediatric and Sports Dentist Dr. Misee Harris Mixes Style and Athletics with Customizable Mouthguards


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Pediatric Dentist Dr. Misee Harris is confident that by making athletic mouthguards cool and fun with customized designs, young athletes will be less likely to sustain dental trauma and other dental issues associated with playing sports.

“Professional athletes are not the only ones that need to protect their mouth, jaw, and teeth while playing high performance sports. While you may not think of a youth athlete playing a high performance sport at a level in which dental trauma can occur, it is far from the case,” said Dr. Harris. “Kids may not have the skill and technique that adult athletes possess—but they have the energy, passion, and fearlessness needed to play full out.”

These unique athletic mouthguards are designed with youth athletes in mind and can be customized for the team or individual athlete in a wide variety of colors, team logos, the individual athlete’s number, name, or a variety of other customized graphics. They are designed to be worn during training, while competing, and during games to protect athletes from grinding their teeth, clenching their jaw, and sustaining dental trauma while playing sports.

Dr. Harris understands that protective athletic gear is something that youth athletes see as an unnecessary burden—especially when it comes to mouthguards. This is why she created her line of athletic mouthguards with personality and style so that the young athletes wearing them will view them as more of a fashion accessory – like a designer wristband with a logo - and less of “something they have to wear.”

Dr. Harris works with school districts, sports coaches, and youth organizations to educate on them on the importance and purposes of the athletic mouthguards, which reduce the risk of athletic-related TMJ caused by clenching and grinding and protect maxillary teeth while playing contact sports. They are also available for non-contact sports.

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About Dr. Misee Harris
Dr. Misee Harris is a nationally-recognized pediatric dentistry leader and an advocate for children with special needs and developmental disabilities. Through outreach programs, Dr. Harris has helped evince significant gains in the quality of diagnosis and treatment options available to the families of thousands of children with urgent dental needs. She is also founder of Project Smile.

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