World-Wide Photo Contest Pledges Ten Percent of Proceeds to Charity


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2011 -- Seductively French recently announced its world-wide search for amateur photographers and photo's able to capture international images of art, culture & intrigue from around the world. The images are for a collaborative coffee table book with ten percent of all profits being donated to a woman and children's domestic violence charity.

Seductively French is quickly becoming a poplar lifestyle blog, with a collaborative ecommerce site set to launch in July 2011. Founder Slavica (pronounced SLAH-vee-tsah) who is a writer for multiple international publications is now using her talent and facebook following to discover artistic photographers and captivating photo's for her own site. In a few short months Seductively French has grown their facebook fan page to over 18,000 fans and have an Alexa web ranking that puts them in the top 10% of sites being viewed. Based on their popularity many artists, photographers and people from around the world are starting to collaborate with them, sharing stunning photography and thought-provoking articles. It is through this popularity that a collaborative coffee table book is being planned with backing by a Publisher from France.

Seductively French is launching this world-wide photo contest so they may collaborate with amateur photographers who are looking for an opportunity for their photo's to be published. This coffee table book, to be called Seductively French is about appreciating the things in life that can not always be defined. The book is broken in to several chapters representing an International perspective on topics such as fashion, places of interest, food & wine, home decor, health & beauty, inspirational, interesting people, photography and the all encompassing cool stuff category. The world-wide search for captivating photo's is based on developing a collaborative book with inspiring, amateur photographers who are able to capture an emotion from their perspective.

This new coffee table book concept comes as no surprise to people who have been following Slavica from the beginning, a new-comer to the international writing scene who is adding a twist on her view of life. "I am an American woman, forever inspired how the French live such seductive lives. To me, it is more than an emotion; it is a lifestyle. Now I want others to share with me, discovering more of what people are passionate about". When asked, Slavica further explains "Seductively French is the "je ne sais quoi" of the soul. It is about appreciating that which can not always be defined. It is about finding passion in life. And life is about helping others."

This simple view of life shines through her blog, with charming articles and beautiful photography. With a collaboration site launching in July this world-wide search for artistic photographers is a great opportunity for those wanting to see their work published in a book. More than the usual photo's about current fashion and celebrity sightings, Seductively French is for artistic, amateur photographers able to make people think. They look for thought-provoking shots about art, culture & intrigue from around the world.

So far the blog and initial concept of the coffee table book have received tremendous interest from photographers and publishers alike. The fact that Seductively French is using crowd sourcing to produce a coffee table book, utilizing the best images from multiple perspectives is sure to inspire many others to reach for their passion in life. It is anticipated that followers of Seductively French will look to this site, sharing their message and creative photo's and stories of what inspire them in life.

To submit information as a artistic photographer or creative photo please send an email to