World Wide Social Network Launches a Revolution for a Private Internet

YOTIC is looking for people to join their revolution where they believe in a free and open Internet where privacy is ensured, and user data brings value exclusively to them without sacrificing their confidentiality.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- For many years now people thought when they surfed the Internet everything they did or said was private, that the Internet was a private medium where their data was safe. However, this is not the case. In reality, people’s data is being stolen and used for commercial gain.

A spokesman for said: “Large companies out there are looking at what people are writing and doing and take that data for their own commercial use for profit and gain. The Internet is no longer a place where people can feel their information is safe and secure. With commercial companies gathering information on users, people now have to watch what they say and do.”

One of the biggest culprits of using user’s data for commercial gain is Facebook, and Google. When people visit Facebook they will notice the adverts on the side are relevant to their interest, and with the adverts being relevant to what users are interested in, there is a bigger chance of that advert being visited and Facebook earning revenue from it. This occurs through data that Facebook gathers about a user, getting to know what they like and do not like. They do this without gaining the user’s permission.

In reality with the money that is being made from big companies collecting and selling users private data, the Google, Facebook and other organizations should be paying people to surf the net.

If there were a profit share scheme in place for people surfing the Internet, with all the data that is stolen and used for commercial benefits, a lot of people would make a nice second income. However, Facebook and Google do not pay people for the data that is being produced and stolen, instead they are using it to increase their profits, which should make these companies feel ashamed.

A spokesman for said: “The way data is stolen and used for profit, It is similar to someone breaking into a person’s house, going through their private belongings, learning all about them and then selling that data. It would be against the law but when done on the Internet, no action is taken.” has become an important social community where it is bringing together everyone from IT professionals, the open source community, and everyday internet users “under one roof” to discuss, the internet and to take action to build a private and secure internet.

For people who care about the freedom of being able to go on the Internet without commercial companies stealing their data, then please visit and join the revolution for a new private Internet.

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