World's #1 Site for Genuine Work-from-Home Jobs Sets Its Sights on the Growing Medical Industry

HEA-Employment Adds Thousands of New Offsite Daily – Including Many Medical and Coding Positions


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2016 -- Hospitals and the medical industry as a whole are not going away anytime soon. The same can certainly be said for the financial extensions attached to them such as hospital billing services. Perhaps it goes without saying, but as many establishments within the health world continue to grow and expand so too is there a growing demand for employment positions within it.

As a company that stays current and vigilant with regards to all the latest developments within various industries and offers related positions, HEA-Employment is wisely featuring a myriad of medical and coding jobs. As the #1 site for genuine work from home jobs with a rate of over 1000 new positions added daily, HEA-Employment knows a thing or two about placing the right individuals with the right company and ensuring all parties are satisfied. As times change, companies are more and more looking to offsite workers as an option that is highly beneficial to both employer and employee.

"HEA Employment is a fantastic resource for those who do not have the means or the time for a one-hour commute to the office every day," said HEA-Employment Senior Customer Service Representative Angela Kane. "Many of our users are mothers and fathers who lack the time to travel to and from work every day. Others simply thrive in the environment of working straight from home. We aim to provide them with that opportunity by offering the largest list of potential positions possible."

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