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World's Fastest Guitar Player Shares Speedy Secrets in New e-Book

Hoping to inspire millions of guitar players to lay their licks with speed and skill, ‘Dr. Hot Licks’ today announces a revolutionary new tutorial e-book.


Westminster, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- Following huge global demand, twice world’s fastest guitar player - Dr. Hot Licks (John Taylor) – has finally decided to share the secrets of his success and teach others how to contend his title from the comfort of their own homes.

‘Be the FASTEST Guitar Player in the World’ is his new e-book that is poised to take the music world by storm. The book, along with accompanied audio, was released by Taylor to provide guitar players with all of the principles and techniques that are essential to reaching full-throttle on the fingerboard.

“Several people have asked what I had to learn or practice in order to reach the level of speed and technicality that allowed me to break a Guinness World Record twice,” says Taylor, who also owns his own guitar school, Doctor Hot Licks’ School of Rock and Metal.

He continues, “Within the book I share all of my secrets, as well as some specific information on exactly how I was able to tackle the world record head-on.”

The e-book equips the reader with an abundance of techniques for a multitude of applications. From scales and sweep patterns to full songs – Taylor hopes that the book will inspire everyone to reach their full musical potential.

“Guitarists in general seem to always be looking to get better. I want to help them. I feel that putting out this e-book will not only help me and my school, but help other aspiring guitarists as well,” he adds.

In fact, the end of the book contains the discerning guitar player’s ultimate treat – an exact explanation as to how Taylor played Flight of the Bumblebee (the song chosen by Guinness) to break the world speed record. Containing the exact fingerings for all of the tabbed out examples, it ensures that players can replicate his work to the letter.

Be the FASTEST Guitar Player in the World, is available now in electronic format. To find out more information on this book and even receive free lessons, please visit the official website for Taylor’s guitar school: http://www.drhotlicks.com/

Updates can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

About Doctor Hot Licks’ School of Rock and Metal
The Dr. Hot Licks' School of Rock and Metal was founded (by two time Guinness record holder for the fastest guitar player) to teach fans of rock and metal how to play guitar, bass, and drums.

No jazz, no classical, just rock and metal.