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World's First Self-Funding Crowdfunding Website, Poised to Rival Market Leaders in Crowdfunding


Dover, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- Move over Kickstarter because online fundraising is set to become a lot easier for campaigners following the launch of the World's First Self-Funding Crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunding Bum.

Touted as 'Shameless Fundraising,' Crowdfunding Bum is challenging the status quo in the world of online fundraising with its unique concept of self-funding, based on the life principle of SOWING AND REAPING. No other crowdfunding platform can lay claim to being self-funding, not even the big boys like Kickstarter, GoFundMe or Indiegogo.

Although crowdfunding has become very popular over the years, many campaigners can attest that getting the first donation is often the hardest. Sadly, even campaigns with the best profiles fail even before they get the opportunity to take off.

Crowdfunding Bum removes the hassle of getting the first donations by giving members a head start with their campaign. The platform consists of an active community of dynamic donors who support the belief of giving something back to make a difference. All that is required for a member to start their first campaign is to browse through other campaigns on the site and donate to the projects that interest them; however, the total donations need to be at least 3% of what the campaigner wants to raise.

Once the donations have been received from the community, it is then up to the campaigner to spread the word about their project through social media platforms and other mediums to get enough coverage and support to achieve their goal. This self-effort is no different than in any other crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding Bum is the brainchild of Bernardo Pereira. Questioned about his motivation to create the platform, he explained: "Many are embarrassed when it comes to asking for help. I envisioned a community where everybody gives first, so there is no shame in asking. We must plant seeds if we are to expect a harvest."

How Self-Funding is Achieved on Crowdfunding Bum

An excellent example of the process of self-funding on this dynamic platform is: Campaigner-one needs to raise $1000, so he first gives into the community $30 or 3% of what he would like to raise. Campaigner-two needs to raise $33,000, so she first gives into Campaigner-one's campaign $990 or 3% of what she would like to raise. Campaigner-one's campaign was self-funded, no self-effort was needed.

But self-funding is not the only feature that makes Crowdfunding Bum truly one of a kind. In comparison, to other crowdfunding platforms, Crowdfunding Bum does not charge fees for making donations. Members can set their own deadline, and there's no penalty for not achieving the campaign goal. Moreover, members keep all donations they receive even if they exceed the target amount.

Creating a campaign on Crowdfunding Bum is free and the website only charges a 5% fee from donations received. For further details or to create a campaign, visit:

Media Contact: Bernardo Pereira
Telephone: 800-997-1193