World's Largest Outbound Telemarketing Marketplace Sees Increasing Interest from Work-at-Home Moms

Work-at-home mums, students, freelancers and everyone else seeking work opportunities that are defined by flexibility and increased independence find Outbounders.com to be the go-to employment solution.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Outbounders.com, the largest outbound telemarketing marketplace, is pleased to offer work opportunities to thousands of people worldwide. As an employer of hundreds of work-at-home mums, Outbounders.com observes an undoubted interest increase in flexible jobs like telemarketing by this workforce segment.

With over 6,000 users, Outbounders.com provides a lucrative, flexible work model for people wishing to stay off the corporate world and engage with a job they will have full control over.

Outbounders.com welcomes new outbound calling agents who wish to make use of their skills and earn an income while doing so. Outbounders.com’s team-spirit driven environment makes it an appealing opportunity for anyone with English language proficiency, as pleased Outbounders readily confirm.

Many stay-at-home mums, from the US, to Philippines and Costa Rica earn extra income without as much as leaving their homes and babies. The freelance and work-remotely aspects of Outbounders.com, offer the flexibility stay-at-home mums need. Not every new mum is prepared to return to work after their baby’s born, and Outbounders.com presents these women with the opportunity to look after their newborns and still earn an income.

James Stinson, founder of Outbounders.com, reveals how varied Outbounders.com’s workforce is,

“People from all walks of life, from stay-at-home mums, to students, globetrotters and people fed up with the corporate world are turning to marketplaces like Outbounders.com. The latter allows people to be their own bosses, be in charge of their schedule and have the flexibility and ease of having to work right from one’s home office.”

As the freelance model becomes more popular and unemployment rises, Outbounders.com expects that more people will seek to advance their career through online marketplaces like Outbounders.com. College students become telemarketers and earn an income while studying full-time and without it affecting their academic performance. The student defines their workload and hours worked, something not many part-time, student-favored jobs like been a waiter offer.

Outbounders’ work opportunity is already utilized by many Americans who live either in the country or elsewhere. Outbounders.com has steady demand for new telemarketers and welcomes new agents in its ever-expanding, international family of outbound telemarketing agents.

For more information on Outbounders.com and how new agents can be part of the company’s growing staff, please visit http://www.outbounders.com or e-mail james.stinson(at)outbounders(dot)com.

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