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World's Only Priceless Vacuum Cleaner, Covered in 1,000 Swarovski Crystals, Being Given Away by GoVacuum.

Having already garnered global media attention with their million-dollar vacuum, GoVacuum.com takes suave suction to the next level, with the world’s only crystal-covered ‘priceless’ vacuum cleaner.


Chantilly, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- June’s global headlines were awash with news of GoVacuum’s million-dollar gold plated vacuum cleaner. From Fox News and the Daily Mail to CNet and the Huffington Post, the world became obsessed with 2012’s ultimate show of bling. Now, the company behind the clear has done it again – by introducing the world’s only ‘priceless’ vacuum cleaner.

The Sebo GV62712 Felix Crystallize Onyx Vacuum Cleaner is the world’s only vac to boast a custom silver plated handle, an ET-1 powernozzle which is sprinkled with diamond dust, and an outer filter bag which is covered in 1,000 Swarovski Elements.

While literally doused in diamonds, the vacuum retains the quality features of all SEBO units, including a 32-foot power cord, fine German engineering and S-Class filtration for allergy and asthma sufferers.

“The GV62712 comes with all of the superior quality facets that SEBO are known for. However, with its custom bling and limited run of a single exclusive unit, it’s a priceless vacuum cleaner that the lucky owner will never find anywhere else,” explains Justin Haver of GoVacuum.com, who personally designed and assembled the GV62712.

The vacuum is quite literally priceless, as GoVacuum.com has decided to give away the world’s only GV62712 as part of an exclusive new competition.

The company has produced two Sebo Felix Crystallize rap songs and is asking the public to download them, create a music video and send it back to GoVacuum. The company will upload each entry to their website, as well as their YouTube channel, along with a tool to vote for the winner.

People are also welcome to write their own song, record it and produce a video to match.

“People can use a webcam, video camera, cell phone or any video recording device. We’ll let the public choose their favorite video and we’ll be shipping the world’s only Sebo Felix Crystallize vacuum cleaner to them as a prize. How more unique could it get?!” Haver adds.

He continues, “When it is gone, it’s gone! We’ll never produce another GV62712 and the winner will be the proud owner of the world’s only priceless vacuum cleaner.”

Entries are open to residents of all countries, with voting open until December 15th.

GoVacuum is continuing to make waves with its previously-released GV62711 gold plated model, which is on sale for $999,999. As the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner, the model is expected to attract further attention as hype builds around its priceless successor.

“We certainly have a unique line of products. One vacuum sells for a million dollars, the other is literally priceless. However, both are totally unique and add a very sophisticated twist to the everyday task of busting dust,” Haver concludes.

For more information on the competition, please visit its dedicated page on the GoVacuum website: http://www.govacuum.com/26967-Sebo-GV62712-Felix-Crystallize-Onyx-Upright-Vacuum.aspx

Contest entries will be uploaded here: http://www.govacuum.com/gv62712contest.aspx

Information and discussion can also be found on the company’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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