Worldwide Scholar Seeks Funding via Rocket Hub to Expand Offering of Premium AP Test Prep Courses Without the Premium Price

Founder determined to reduce the costs of applying to elite colleges and universities.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Just about everyone knows that college and university tuition costs continue to rise in a seemingly limitless spiral, but often overlooked is the fact that the costs of preparing to apply to elite U.S. colleges and universities continue to rise as well. Among the many factors that have contributed to this rise, increased reliance on private admissions counseling and private admissions test prep probably top the list. But whatever other factors are at play, there is little doubt that the increased importance placed on AP® (Advanced Placement®) exam scores in the admissions process is one of the major culprits.

Many have questioned the value of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® and the College Board’s claim that the program provides college-level courses to high school students is certainly dubious; some have even called it a scam. Standardized tests are always a controversial subject, but, scam or not, the fact is AP® exam scores play an important role in the college admissions process – especially at elite U.S. colleges and universities – and college applicants from Beijing to Boston, Seoul to San Francisco know they need to succeed on the AP® exams to reach their college admissions dreams and so they pay handsome sums to those who promise to help them get the magical score of “5” on their AP® exams.

“That’s just crazy in the Internet age,” said Hugh Quigley, the founder of Worldwide Scholar™. “Being well prepared to take AP® exams is a necessity these days, but paying through the nose for AP® test prep doesn’t have to be. With advances in e-learning technologies, accessing high quality AP® test prep should be as easy as accessing recent Hollywood hits on Netflix.”

Funds received from this RocketHub campaign will be used to expand Worldwide Scholar’s line of affordable self-paced online AP® prep courses (Worldwide Scholar Test Quest™: Self-Paced Online AP® Prep) taught by experienced teachers and true experts in their fields. These courses harness the power of the Internet to automate much (but not all) of the test prep process, reducing the cost without sacrificing quality. Funds received from this RocketHub campaign will also be used to build a line of in-depth courses Worldwide Scholar: Not Just Test Prep™ Online Enrichment Courses, which will offer a deeper educational experiences for those who aren't satisfied with simply knowing how to pass a test, but want the opportunity to work with primary sources, write college level papers (which can be used as writing samples during the college and university admissions process) and really delve into the complexities of the subjects covered.

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Worldwide Scholar™ is an educational publisher and e-learning startup with a growing line of titles and courses which focus on the needs of applicants to undergraduate university programs around the globe. Current Worldwide Scholar™ titles include: Worldwide Scholar Guide to AP® Comparative Government & Politics, Worldwide Scholar Guide to AP® United States Government & Politics, and Worldwide Scholar Overseas Applicant’s Guide to College Application Essay & Personal Statements. Upcoming tiles include the all new Worldwide Scholar Guide to AP® United States History (Coming in September and designed from scratch for the new AP® History exam) and Worldwide Scholar: How to Choose YOUR University. To learn more about Worldwide Scholar™ and its current and upcoming titles and online services visit