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Worldwide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Market : Opportunities and Forecasts 2015 - 2021

Enterprises are looking for solution which can provide more efficient and easier access to business data over their networks.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2016 -- In computing terminology, virtual desktop is a term used for the interfaces for users. A virtual desktop is a desktop provided to an individual in a virtualized environment. Here the user's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of desktop's display area using the virtual desktop software. Various approaches such as switchable virtual desktops and size expansion of existing desktop are used for obtaining virtual desktops. The virtualized desktop offered using virtual desktop infrastructure is stored on a centralized server situated remotely rather than locally on the users system. Desktop virtualization software differentiates the software from the physical machine and presents it as an isolated operating system for users. Virtual desktop infrastructure is a concept where a desktop operating system is hosted within a virtual machine running on a remote server. Virtual desktop infrastructure is a deviation of client-server networking model also referred to as server based computing. In the last few years, some large organizations have turned to virtual desktop infrastructure as an alternative to the traditional server based computing model. This technology is replacing traditional server-client based computing models which were used by Microsoft Terminal and Citrix services.

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Enterprises are looking for solution which can provide more efficient and easier access to business data over their networks. Demand for accessing interfaces from remote locations is one of the major driving factors for global virtual desktop infrastructure market. Furthermore, the global virtual desktop infrastructure market is also witnessing the increasing acceptance of virtual desktop infrastructure applications and solutions using cloud technology. Factors such as increasing complexity of the network infrastructure and huge capital required for the setup of network infrastructure are leading to increased demand for cloud computing services. Along with it, the increasing adoption of handheld devices for enterprise computing and growing data bandwidth support from communication service providers are driving the demand for cloud based services and applications. With the use of cloud based virtual desktop infrastructure applications and enterprise data can be accessed irrespective of users' location. As the internet costs are decreasing gradually and internet is emerging as a promising medium for enterprises for accessing data and applications, virtual desktop infrastructure services are provided over the internet. However, virtual desktop infrastructure market needs huge capital investment and this factor is posing a challenge for the growth of this market. Restructuring and redesigning of the enterprise infrastructure to match the demands of virtualization platform involves most of the capital cost.

Virtual desktop infrastructure market is segmented on the basis of type of technology and geography. On the basis of technology the market is segmented into switchable virtual desktops and screen size expansion technology. In switchable virtual desktop method the user is offered with multiple virtual copies of their desktops which can be switched as per their need. Further, in screen size expansion technology size of virtual screen is expanded beyond the size of physical viewing device.

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Citrix Systems, Inc., Microsoft Corp., Desktone Inc., LG CNS, Moka5 Inc., Oracle Corporation, Quest Software Inc., Red Hat, Inc., SK Telecom Co. Ltd., VMware, Inc., Korea Telecom Corp., and Unidesk Corporation are some of the major players in virtual desktop infrastructure market.