Worthy Competitors of Clean Master App Dethrone the Reigning Top App of 2016


Shingle Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2016 -- Android phones are on the rise, so are the alternatives to clean master the original app from cheetah mobile (http://www.cmcm.com). Clean master along with its lite version claimed the top spot for the best android app for 2015 & most used app for 2016 in public poll.

Although the defendant clean master app still holds an impressive market share on the speed booster & cleaner niche for the android, the market has given way & created a void for the new entrant into the system utility markets namely the Clean Lite app from headway master app(speed booster).

As the name suggests the clean lite packs in a punch with all the cleaning & performance optimization features in a lite / light yet powerful all in one package that delivers as a complete 360 system maintenance tool. This app is a super small 4 Mb size, which does not slow your phone or tablet down, beating the original clean master in straight comparison. The original clean master app from Cheetah Mobile Inc. actually weighed over 25 Mb when installed on my test Samsung phone which actually made me look for lighter & more efficient apps which could deliver comparable features. The exact sweet spot which apps like the clean lite were trying to hunt for, and bingo this new app from headway master was welcomed by android users world over making it an immediate hit.

Just to mention on some features that we took note of in the app:

1. Automatic Cleaner: An ace of this app, lets the user clean and boost the phone or tablet automatically. Easily ending all the background running apps & also clearing the cache simultaneously.

2. Cache cleaner: This is a no mess cleaner, that cleans the cache junk files created by all the apps, with a simple press of a button super easily. So no need to clear the cache of the apps one by one any more, this one button does all the cleaning hard work for you.

3. Speed Booster: Killing background services and games etc from passive memory releases cpu processor cycles that are wasted doing these unproductive tasks. And terminating these tasks boosts the speed of the device tremendously.

4. Privacy Advisor: Like a sentry this checks the apps & games installed in your system for any memory leaks or dangerous permissions which an app might be using to spy on you or steal your private data like passwords &pictures etc.

5. Battery saver: Always find your phone with a drained battery? Identify what is keeping your device always low on battery levels, be it an app or a hardware component, this allows you to take expert control giving insight on your battery levels.

Reviews of the app are also on an overtly positive tone, users who have used the app appreciate the good it has done to their daily phone experience, prominently because of the automatic cleaner feature which is lacking in most of the apps that we see in the speed booster niche today. This app also praised to havethe most intuitive interface making it one of the easiest apps to use on the Google play store. With an average rating of 4.2 to 4.5 the app is rated decently popular by most standards in the system tools & utility niche. Even we vet this statement, as the clean lite app addresses & completely nails the automatic cleaner need which the users wanted for a long time.

No wonder when the clean lite app packs in so much power into a single 4 MB sized app, it was well worth the welcome it received. So if you own an android device, head straight for the play store & download a copy of the clean lite to see your phone jump back to life so easily.

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