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WOW Analytics Now Introduces Version 2.0, a Powerful Web Analytics and Lead Generation Tool


Godalming, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- WOW Analytics, a leading B2B lead generation agency in UK has now introduced WOW Analytics Version 2.0 which is a powerful web analytics and lead generation tool. Due to its user-friendly design and advanced sales and marketing functions, the tool has gained recognition from several notable agencies as well as within the Market and analytics world. It is a powerful web analytical tool which gives accurate results based on IP tracking. The tool enables the company to track who is visiting their website, and assists the Sales Team to maximize revenue and customer relationships.

WOW Analytics Ltd, which has successfully distinguished itself among all lead generation agencies in UK through its campaign and keyword tracking has now launched version 2.0. Its campaign and keyword tracking tool ensures that clients’ emails and PPC campaigns are effectively monitored, identifying the source of a company visit.

Utilising the latest web analytics and data analysis, WOW Analytics can tell the user which company has been on their website. The system tells the user the date and time of each customer visit together with detailed analysis of the pages they visited. The system can even track the prospect to trigger an email when the prospect revisits the website. By scoring each page of the website, the analytics tools can effectively distinguish between prospects that are interested in the client’s product and services, and those who are not.

WOW Analytics Ltd. helps Sales Marketing Managers to work smarter, engaging with prospects at the most appropriate time.

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