WOW Media Subsidiary Announces over 4,000 Affiliates Are Now on the Network

And They Just Keep On Coming…


Newark, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- A subsidiary of WOW Media has today announced their network has grown exponentially over the last twelve months, and now more than 4,000 people worldwide are using their service. Since its birth in 2007, those behind WOW Trk have been dedicated to providing their customers and clients with a warm yet professional approach to affiliate marketing, helping to create significant earnings for both site owners and advertisers alike. Unlike some other providers out there, the good people at WOW put their heart and soul into providing the best, most lucrative affiliate network service for all involved.

When affiliate marketing first reared its head back in the 1990’s the landscape was considerably less regulated than it is today, and this meant that making money as an individual in the industry was much simpler. Unfortunately, search engine providers like Google soon put measures in place to stop low quality affiliate sites from ranking highly, and this created waves that are still being felt today.

Thankfully, those behind WOW Trk were able to see light at the end of the tunnel, and through careful planning they managed to build a system that has once again made affiliate marketing a viable source of income for anyone who wishes to get involved. By providing a service that links site owners and marketers with advertisers, they’ve completely revolutionised the industry and left all competitors eating dust in their tracks.

Through the use of a totally unique range of specially designed tools, affiliates who use the network are able to maximise profits without working 25 hour days. Here are just some of the tools WOW Trk provide for their clients:

- Offer Feeds - Site owners simply insert a small piece of JavaScript on their website and allow it to run freely. The offer feed will then display the best performing deals each day.

- Banner Rotators - In much the same way as the offer feeds tool works, banner rotators can be inserted into any page and will display offers visitors are most likely to show interest in. Geo targeting is also incorporated, so the visitors will only see offers relevant to them.

- Wordpress Plugin - Anyone who uses Wordpress to power their site can now install a simple plugin to start showing affiliate adverts. As they’re automatically updated, users are free to sit back and concentrate on more important matters.

Anyone who wishes to get in touch with WOW Media or WOW Trk can do so by visiting their website or using the contact information listed below. Now really is the time to check out their services and get involved.

Who said affiliate marketing was dead?

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