WP Authority Links: A Plugin That Can Drive Up to 512% More Visitors to a Website

This plugin means that a website can be built so that it is ready for Google authorship very quickly.


Lymington, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- There is a very strong feeling amongst Internet marketers that the WP Authority Links Plugin is the next best thing to sliced bread. Many people who have been trying to get some Google love and make a buck with some kind of commercial website know that Google constantly changes things and this makes it hard to achieve much-needed success. In fact, those who have succeeded in the past often find their success flying out the door due to some change in Google. But rather than becoming dependent on this search engine for success, it is now possible to install a plugin that will help marketers to achieve their dreams in many clever ways.

The comprehensive review of the WP Authority Links Plugin by the Smithfields Review Center showed that this very effective aid to internet marketers can drive up to 512% more visitors to a website so that it can dominate the competition and rank high with Google. It does this through internal linking. What are the features of this amazing Wordpress Plugin? Using this plugin means that a website can be built so that it is ready for Google authorship very quickly. Internet marketers can get that internal link network going for certain keywords, make sure that their author box and page are unique, add social networks easily to website pages, make keywords into affiliate links, edit keywords and links quickly, drive thousands of visitors to the website with just one click and much more. Visitors will stay on the website longer due to themed pages and this is one thing that makes Google sit up and take notice – in a good way. Google then gives that website authority with even more traffic and a higher ranking as the reward. The professional look and feel of the website will ensure that visitors are happy with it and feel that it is to be taken seriously. But best of all this plugin is so easy to use and allows marketers to do many things that used to take hours – if they could be done at all – in just one or two clicks. For instance, it is easy to set up custom keywords in a specific niche and link them to affiliate sites or any particular products resulting in more sales. And stats can be seen with one click so that offers can be changed quickly as soon as the sales start to fall.

Many successful internet marketers claim that they owe their success to this plugin. An indicative comment on the effectiveness of the plugin given to Sally Heidelberg of the Smithfields Review Center was “It gives us easy control over our websites and more to the point, control over what Google does to our marketing efforts. It stops visitors bouncing away from the websites and it lifts our sites out of the hidden depths so that they are visible to all who search for the keywords we use.”

If people wish to get a direct access to the developers of the WP Authority Links Plugin they could go to the official site.

For those who would like to read further about this plugin should visit the Smithfields Review Center.

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