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North Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- WP Pipeline is a brand new launch from two very successful marketers called Tony Marriott and Ben Shaffer. If you have built any kind of website lately then you will know that WordPress is the easiest and most customizable platform to build them on. This is where WP Pipeline comes in, with some of the most powerful features I have ever seen for WordPress. WP Pipeline allows you to backup, update, mange plugins and much more all from one central area.

To ensure your business security and give you full control of your entire website updates, security and backups at once! It’s called WP Pipeline. You could try to do everything it does by hand but the problem with that approach is it will take weeks of your time! You see WP Pipeline provides your business with, Full security and protection against hackers, Time and money saved by keeping all of your blogs current and updated by clicking just one button, Details and data on all your sites so you can spot any income losing errors right away.

WP Pipeline is a piece of software that you can use to manage all of your WordPress sites.  As we build more and more websites it becomes a tedious task trying to make sure that all of the latest security updates are applied as well as having a decent backup. WP Pipeline controls all of this from a central console that you install and manage.

If you want to be able to manage a large number of WordPress blogs then this software is perfect. As well as being able to update plugins, themes and WordPress you can backup and clone your sites with ease. WP Pipeline is a great system for controlling all of your WordPress blogs in one place. You can quickly and easily at the push of a button update all of your blogs themes, plugins and even WordPress itself.

WP Pipeline allows you to register/create and manage the themes on a mass level. Let’s say you had 20 sites and blogs. But you had to login to a blog at each time to change certain specifics. This is a real headache and is not feasible if you really want to work efficiently. This plugin allows you to do just that.

About WP Pipeline
WP Pipeline is a paid product, which will definitely mean that the product will be updated consistently, includes help from the developers and is extremely stable. Not forgetting the fact that the product has a lot of features that include: cloning, backing up, editing, installing plugins, remove plugins with a click of a button from just ONE Plugin.

For the official WP Pipeline homepage, visit the website here.

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