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WR Contractor Attaches Safety Handrails for Disabled Guests in Hagerstown


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Many Companies debate over the question as to whether the physically challenged really need porta potties made especially made for them. The controversy arose when certain Companies claimed that such category of people could easily use the usual toilets as long as they are spacious and comfortable. Obviously enough, the statement have angered many Hagerstown residents. WR Contractor has singlehandedly proven that they need special porta potties.

On the very outset, the usual toilets are usually accessed only after climbing a short staircase. As for the disabled, they need sanitary units that allow easy access into the toilet. The unit should be installed in a secure position at the same level as the ground allowing ease of entry with a wide door. The WR Contractor’s Hagerstown portable toilets especially manufactured for the physically challenged has an inbuilt ramp, which is added to the entrance. The ramp ensures quick and easy entry without any foreign assistance. Even wheelchairs can easily wheel into the toilet.

Since such porta potties are made to provide optimal comfort, they are larger than the usual sanitary units. This allows enough room for a large wheel chair and even an assistant. The spacious interior helps the user to position their wheelchair in the right position without the need of assistance. WR Contractor is famous for the handrails that it has attached to their disabled sensitive porta potties. This handrail is attached on all the four walls of the toilet. It allows extra support to the user to mount and dismount the toilet seat. These rails are securely attached to the wall in order to avoid any accidents.

By providing such porta potties at outdoor events for guests with mobility issues, it shows that the host cares about their personal needs. It will also ensure that the sanitary needs of all the guests are also met with proper care. To find further details on portable toilets Hagerstown MD please pay a visit to

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