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WR Contractor to Install Porta Potties in Atlantic City Playgrounds


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- An increasing number of social events are hosted outdoors where there is no limit to the open space. Events like fairs, sports events, picnics, camping etc needs larger venues and hence only outdoors can provide such space. Besides the need for space, even smaller gatherings like corporate parties, wedding celebrations, etc are also hosted outdoors most of the time. It is not just the need for space but the scenery and the fresh air that draws people out of their houses.

The love for nature has always been there even back in the days. The only reason why people could not host such special events is because of the lack of sanitary facilities. Most of the social events are hosted outdoors only because porta potties have been invented. A bigger bulk of the Atlantic City portable toilets are supplied by the Company WR Contractor. The past couple of years in Atlantic City have witnessed an increasing number of Thanksgiving meals being hosted outdoors with temporary arrangements and canopies as shelter from the harsh weather. For this, every outdoor meal needs at least one porta potty, depending on the number of guests. WR Contractor reports that since these meal gatherings are mostly confined to close family members, there is demand for porta potties from almost every household.

Residents of Atlantic City have further requested the municipal that every children park should be well supplied with hygienic portable toilets. These toilets should be carefully installed in a secluded part of the playground where it stays away from the children’s playing area. Since children cannot venture out of the ground without adult assistance, it causes so much trouble when there is no access to sanitary facilities within the playground. There is a growing demand for portable toilets not just for events but also for public places where there is no plumbing. To get other information on portable toilets Atlantic City NJ kindly visit

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