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Wrap Around Sleevers Market - Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging Trends, Growth Factors

Wrap Around Sleevers Market was valued at around US$ 261 Bn in the year 2015 that is around one-third of the global packaging market


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2018 -- Slide and sleeve packaging format is getting wide acceptance in the global market among multiple industries. Other than attractive aesthetics, the packaging is highly convenient for the consumer to open and reclose the packaging. Moreover, as the slide and sleeve packaging provides highly effective sealing that does not require much safety while transportation. These facts have led to the preference for sleeve packaging among consumers as well as primary product manufacturers. To enhance the overall productivity of the production, various packaging machinery are widely incorporated. Wrap around sleevers is highly preferred as they are suitable for almost every application.

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The global paper & board packaging market was valued at around US$ 261 Bn in the year 2015 that is around one-third of the global packaging market. More than 90% of the paper & board packaging accounts for corrugated packaging.

Moreover, the global packaging machinery is estimated to account for around US$ 46.2 Bn in the year 2016. Cartoning machines segment accounts for around 9.3% of the global packaging machinery market. This segment includes not only cartoning but also case packaging machines and paper & board packaging machines. Majority of the cartoning and case packaging machines are capable of sleeve packaging also. Thus, the global market for sleeve packaging machines is estimated to be valued at more than US$ 3 Bn in 2016.

Wrap Around Sleevers Market Key Developments

Servo controlled quick and automatic change over the system is the update introduced in most of the packaging machinery and is has got wide acceptance in the global market of wrap around sleevers. To make the machines more ergonomic such that the possibility of error from the operator side is minimized, high-quality display and touch screen control panels are incorporated in wrap around sleevers. Allen Bradley and Siemens are the multinational companies whose products are widely used by the packaging machinery manufacturers. To reduce the wastage and enhance the productivity, various safety features are added to the wrap around sleevers, such as no carton skip load or no product skip carton control, overload protection, full diagnostic fault and few others. Power carton magazine is incorporated in the high-end wrap around sleevers that pushes the carton on its own when the product is available for packaging. A low-level indicator is provided with the power carton magazine that informs the operator about less number of cartons available and thus ensures continuous operation.

Wrap Around Sleevers Market Segmentation

The wrap around sleevers market can be segmented on the basis of packaging material as

Corrugated carton sleeve
Paperboard sleeve
As 90% of the paper & board packaging accounts for corrugated packaging only, thus the demand of corrugated carton sleeve is expected to be more than that of paperboard sleeve. Corrugated packaging is applied for the packaging of large and heavy items, and thus, the wrap around sleever used for corrugated carton sleeve packaging handles a heavier load, consumes more power and costs much more as compared to wrap around sleevers for paperboard packaging. Therefore, this segmentation is preferred for pricing analysis of the wrap around sleevers market.

The wrap around sleevers market can be segmented on the basis of capacity (in Packs per Minute) as

Up to 60 PPM
60 to 100 PPM
100 to 150 PPM
Above 150 PPM

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The output speed of wrap around sleever is primarily dependent on the motors integrated into the machines and also on the size and weight of the primary product. With large product size, speed of the machine is observed to drop down as compared to the packaging of the small sized product.

The wrap around sleevers market can be segmented on the basis of end-use industries as

Personal Care

Food & beverage segment accounts for the highest market share in paper & board packaging. Thus, machines required for the high volume of packaging will be more, and the food & beverage segments will account for larger market share as compared to any other end-use industry. This segment is driven by the increasing competition among packaged food and beverage producers to make the product highly attractive and unique.

The wrap around sleevers market can be segmented on the basis of geographical regions as

North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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North America, Asia Pacific, and Western Europe are the regions with manufacturing sector value added, as well as high volume of exports. Thus, these regions are expected to provide large market size as compared to the rest of the geographies.

Wrap Around Sleevers Market Players

Some of the key players of wrap around sleevers market are

Bosch Packaging Technology
Bradman Lake Group
Cama S.P.A.
PMI Cartoning Inc.
Douglas Machine Inc.
EconoCorp Inc.
ULMA Packaging, S.Coop
ADCO Manufacturing
The Aagard Group, LLC
Syspex Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Some of emerging payers of wrap around sleevers market are

Multipack Packaging Machinery
Schut Systems bv
Lead Packaging Ltd.
A Jones Group Ltd.
Graphic Packaging International, LLC
Mactec Italia Srl
Perfect Automation Pty Ltd
Buhmann Systeme GmbH