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Wrapped-N-Pink: Breast Cancer Survivor, Anita Jeter-Peterkin, Inspires Action Against Illness Through Rhyme and Reason

After outliving two aggressive cancer diagnoses and beating all odds, New Jersey’s Anita Jeter-Peterkin is now on a mission to help others beat theirs too. Through a compelling and emotive book that shares Jeter-Peterkin’s story in poetic form, ‘Wrapped-N-Pink’ is poised to bring solace and hope to women everywhere.


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Aged just twenty-three, Anita Jeter-Peterkin received news that bucked the trend of both her age and lifestyle; aggressive breast cancer that would likely kill her within a year. After accepting a mastectomy, months of treatment, the loss of her hair and the possibility that she’d never be able to have more children, Jeter-Peterkin was at least thankful to be alive in the present.

Twenty seven years later and after a second bought of cancer on the opposite side, Anita Jeter-Peterkin can boast vitality, two more children and a burning desire to share her story with others. After founding her ‘Wrapped-N-Pink’ brand and achieved great success publicly speaking about her experiences, Jeter-Peterkin is delighted to announce the launch of her potentially life-changing new book.

Aptly titled ‘Wrapped-N-Pink’, her moving and inspirational story is shared through unique poetic verse. Proving that cancer can be beaten, the book is expected to bring new hope to thousands of women who face similar adversity.


Wrapped-N-Pink is a story about a woman’s journey of fighting breast cancer through fear, faith, trust, courage, belief and realizing the purpose of her encounter with a disease that does not discriminate and brings forth much debate. The Author Anita Jeter-Peterkin wife, mother of five and nana of 8, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the very young age of twenty three with a poor prognosis and diagnosed again at the age of forty six by early detection. Although, at the beginning of her journey things seemed uncertain and doubtful, Anita leaned to God and found the faith and trust she needed to live her life to the fullest. Anita decided to write about her story in a unique and inspiring way. She wanted it to be simplistic and done through rhyme and reason. Deciding to write about her life in such a form would appear to be a big challenge. Rhyming a story from beginning to end would seem to be more than she could handle. But she felt a passion to attempt the mission.

After years of trying to connect pen to paper with poetry of her experience with breast cancer, she called her Aunt Lois (Pastor of St John’s Church in CT), brother Benjamin Jeter and sister-in-law Felicia Jeter (Pastors of House of Refuge in VA) and explained to them that there was a burning sensation in her heart to write her story in that form. But at the time so many changes were going on in her life and she could not focus on her writings. She felt that if she could have just one night of solitude that her passion would begin to blossom. Her Aunt helped her find a secluded place for one night that would ignite the materials for her book “Wrapped-N-Pink”. After, her aunt and cousin prayed with her, they left her there to begin her journey of writing a book that tells the story of her experiences of being a breast cancer survivor. The story begins with her diagnosis at a young age and the many health decisions she had to make along the way. She opened her life to share with others some of her emotions whether they were good, bad, happy or sad. She hopes that her writings will be a blessing to others as she continues to give her testimony of God and the miracles that He has performed in her life.

As the author explains, she sees sharing her story as a vital step forward in helping women everywhere.

“My story is important because of the many women that will face breast cancer each and every year. This experience was something I believe God allowed as a part of my life so that I could share my testimony with others as to the miracles God still performs in today's time. Sharing my story helps others to have faith and find hope in their journey,” says Jeter-Peterkin.

Continuing, “I also have a passion to bring awareness to others about breast cancer in hope that they may be proactive in staying one step ahead of this dreadful disease. My story allows people to see inside of my journey, the good, bad, happy and sad. I want to let people know that we can beat cancer!”

With the book’s popularity expected to rise, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Wrapped-N-Pink’ is available now: http://www.anitajeterpeterkin.com, http://amzn.to/18PUYMR, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.xlibris.com and local bookstores. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.wrappednpink.com

About the Movement: Wrapped-N-Pink
Wrapped-N-Pink focuses on bringing breast cancer awareness to our communities to enlighten, empower and encourage women and men to take action against breast cancer.

Wrapped-N-Pink touches the lives of others through speaking engagements that include a one woman monologue/modern dance which tells the story of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. A workshop is followed which allows participants to design a necklace that is made with beads to show the different sizes/stages of lumps found through mammography, self or doctor's exams. Literature on breast cancer and resources to help find care and support are always available. Gift packages are given to survivors when possible.

The workshops and speaking engagements are free to the participants due to donations and sponsorships from our communities, businesses and friends. Without such help, we would face many challenges to reach the women and men that may benefit from our services.