Writer and Director Dario Lonjak Starts FundThis Crowdfunding Campaign for His Upcoming Zombie Comedy HoliDead

Zagreb-based film director Dario Lonjak and writer/producer Velimir Grgic are looking for funding support via FundThis for the making of his upcoming film HoliDead. The initial funding requirement for this English language horror comedy is $100,000.


Zagreb, Croatia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2017 -- Dario Lonjak, an award-winning film director and famous writer (co-author of awarded zombie comedy book "Crisis"), producer and TV personality Velimir Grgic, both from Zagreb, have just launched a FundThis crowdfunding campaign to complete his upcoming feature film HoliDead. Velimir claims that this zombie comedy will be unique in its style, with sun, beach, alcohol, drugs and half naked girls meeting flesh eating zombies. Though it will contain all the common attributes of the zombie genre, HoliDead will primarily be a comedy with strong emphasis on mixing violence with laughter.

The story of HoliDead revolves around five young boys and girls from England and USA visiting Croatia for their summer vacation. However, their dream vacation soon experiences a wild turn when they end up in the middle of a zombie invasion. The theme is based on the concept of a cultural clash between the exotic local tradition and the modern foreign lifestyle. The film will feature the Mediterranean architecture and nature, sun scorched rocks, small town squares, and picturesque beaches that make Croatia a preferred holiday destination. Croatian culture and customs will also have an important role in the film.

A graduate in Film and TV Direction, Dario Lonjak is the recipient of numerous awards on genre film festivals. His documentary 'Srecko' was acclaimed around the world as an international hit on the Internet. Dario has also worked as an Assistant Director on several feature films and big national movies. Leading Croatian actress and huge start of arthouse festival hits (Cannes Un Certain Regard recipient "The High Noon") Tihana Lazovic will play a major role in HoliDead.

The initial funding goal for this project is $100,000, and it will cover the initial investment needed to start the project, complete the pre-production tasks, attract other investors to close the full budget, and start shooting. However, Dario's complete budget for HoliDead is $500,000. By stretching the budget to $1,000,000, the team will be able to afford better special effects, make up and SFX; better actors with some known names, more days of shooting, and more expensive post production.

Inviting all zombie comedy enthusiasts to support his funding initiative, Dario states, "Our goal is not to make a trash exploitation film but a commercial, fun, youth comedy with zombies. $500,000 will enable us to make a good and fun film, but with an investment of $1,000,000, HoliDead will be even better in every aspect and even more successful."

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About HoliDead
HoliDead is an upcoming zombie comedy from Dario Lonjak and Velimir Grgic, an award-winning film director and writer/producer from Zagreb. The theme of the film is based on the concept of a cultural clash between the exotic local tradition and the modern foreign lifestyle. Though a zombie movie, HoliDead will be a comedy with strong emphasis on mixing violence with laughter.

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