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Writer Releases Screenplay for the Upcoming Fictional Release of "The Last Friends of Willie Coyote" Movie

Since 1949, many cartoons and clips of one determined Coyote and a speedy Roadrunner have captivated audiences around the world. Now, from the mind of author Stephen Thor comes the spoiler screenplay for the first fully live-action, full-length movie about these two classic beloved creatures (and their faithful friends), set for an imaginary release in the summer of 2016. After over a half-century, the time has finally come for their story to be told.


Port Aransas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- As a tribute to the late Chuck Jones, creator and director of Wile E. Coyote, the Roadrunner and many other characters, and to Wile’s millions of fans, a determined author has just released a free ebook containing the only (known) fully live-action, real-life movie screenplay ever written about these two timeless and unforgettable desert creatures.



Three young and lifelong inseparable friends venture out into the deep desert in an old car on a soul-searching road trip and travel along a closed and long-unused road. Each has their own reasons for venturing into these desolate and rarely-visited wastelands. They band together for one last time, bonded by their devotion for each other. Lost and nearly out of gas, they pass through an abandoned town and their car becomes disabled after a freak encounter with a wayward Acme rocket.

Guided by a cryptic map, they are forced to forge ahead on foot in the night to get help. The trio sneak onto a beyond-classified airbase commanded by a kind but tortured legendary officer. They witness a spectacular incident between a very familiar determined coyote and a speedy roadrunner. They realize that the two are not the cartoon characters that they (and everyone else) had thought for over six decades were - but are in fact real in every sense. The trio are detained on the crumbling base as honored guests and make a few good friends along the way. They also become aware of a brilliant race of human-like beings and a secretive tribe of native warriors who live far out in the vast regions of the doomed base. Until now, the real Willie Coyote and the others have been carefully hidden and protected on the secluded base for over a half century.

However, trouble is on the horizon. A powerful and angry man wrongfully bent on a terrible revenge gains entry to the base and unleashes a vast private army upon the innocent beings who are unprepared for a war of greed and hate. The only choices for them and others become to either fight, run or hide. A desperate call for help is made. But will they come in time? And will it do any good in the face of such horror?

At the height of an epic battle between good and evil, Willie unleashes upon the enemy the most diabolical and terrible machine he has ever constructed. His goal then becomes the most important one he has ever had in his life - an attempt to save the most precious friend he never realized before he even had. He has someplace new to go. Who (if anybody) makes it out alive from an inescapable trap is for you to discover for yourself.

Author’s conclusion:

“The Last Friends of Willie Coyote” is a tale of laughter, tears, hope, determination, friendships and rising above adversity in an extremely trying time.

But why now? Why would the author write this story?

He explains that over the last few decades many live-action movies based upon classic cartoon series or action-heroes of the past have been made. But as yet, unbelievably, no fully live-action studio movie has been made featuring the author’s favorite of all of his cartoon figures - Wile E. Coyote. So the author decided to do something about it. He wrote up the movie screenplay himself and hoped it would live up to the ideals of Jones‘s legacy, fans, friends and family.

While his ebook is free, he asks that any voluntary donations be made directly to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“This project is not just about satisfying the Coyote’s fans. It’s about doing good and giving back to society. What better vehicle is there for this than two of the world’s most popular and loved cartoon characters of all time for so many?” Thor concludes.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major book distributors, the ebook and much more information is also available at:


About the Author: Stephen Thor
Professional law enforcement writer for 24 years. A.S., B.A., M.A degrees in criminology and psychology. Served in U.S. Navy and Army active & reserves from 1973-1992.