Writers Block or Noisy Inner Critic? A Writing Holiday at Cortijo Romero Can Help

Writing can be a window into the soul, yet demons that block its flow can keep us from this valuable resource. At Cortijo Romero we are delighted to have a number of writing courses this season with exceptional facilitators who will help tackle the blocks that stand in the way of our writing freedom.


Amersham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Faced with creative writing it is all too easy to get stuck with a blank page, looking on Google for ‘writer’s block’, there were 14,600,000 results. Clearly this problem is vast, asking Jeeves offers this definition:

“Writer's block refers to a state or a condition in which someone is unable or is not capable of writing. This term can also be used to describe a state where someone is unable to think.”

While accurate, it is not helpful.

Maybe text on the page is not the problem; perhaps it's that relentless and noisy inner critic. Wikipedia tells us: “The inner critic often produces feelings of shame, deficiency, low self-esteem, and depression. It may also cause self-doubt and undermine self-confidence.”

When looking to break these patterns there is no better solution than a writing holiday

Writing holidays offer a concentrated time in a different environment, away from the stresses and strains of family, job or city life. With the right facilitator it can be the opportunity to push back the boundaries, discover new resources and reach the promised land of heart-felt writing.

This year at Cortijo Romero we are delighted to have four writing courses with outstanding facilitators who will help tackle the blocks that stand in the way of our writing freedom. These skilled tutors, who are both writers and therapists, use their therapeutic training to heal and liberate us from the writing demons. This can often be a life-changing experience, as it is not only writing that is affected by the inner critic or block, but of course, our entire experience of life.

Whether starting the writing journey, returning to the form, or looking to reach new ground, our experienced course leaders have a deep passion to free the writer within . Each facilitator coming from a different place, will all have something unique to connect us with our writing as a creative expression.

Laura McAuley (Write from the Heart) says when we write from the heart, we write what we need to write, as much as what we want or plan to write. Our writing becomes an act of discovery. We write from the heart to evoke joy, sorrow, achievement and frustration. Everyone has their own distinct voice and it's crucial to find it. A previous participant said:

"I love the quiet way you led us to explore our creativity. I came on the course in the hope of rekindling my enthusiasm for writing and that's exactly what you enabled me to do. All the old excitement came back."

Charlie Moritz (Write in the Moment) uses his skills as a drama-therapist and calls on ‘the power of the group’. He facilitates a warm and strongly supportive atmosphere where participants will draw on personal stories to banish those inkier demons and rouse the writer within.

"Charlie is a wonderful facilitator: with his natural charm, warmth, humor and wit he seamlessly drew me in, weaving a web that dispelled any self-conscious notions … and so I find myself leaving his workshops inspired and wondering how that happened yet again. He listens deeply and responds skillfully to the needs of everyone in the group - a heartening experience." Trish Baille

Crysse Morrison (Self-expression through Writing) considers the location a vital ingredient within the recipe of her particular approach; she says “beautiful environments, and a change of location in itself, can inspire new opportunities to discover personal creativity, and with guidance these inspirations can become part of the participant’s way of life.”

"Thank you for such a fabulous learning experience. You are an inspirational teacher and we learnt so much from you. You made it SO enjoyable, too! Thank you for your insights, tips, advice, guidance, thoughts and experience, and the generosity and warmth with which you shared them. Lots of love and appreciation from Phil and Zara"

Diane Samuels (Write for Life!) likes to include some focus on what you will be able to take away with you from your holiday, giving time during the week for engaging with solitary inner space where you can develop your personal writing practice through use of music, stream-of-consciousness and tuning into the moment, as writing techniques for daily life.

"Diane was determined that everyone got what they needed and I cannot speak highly enough....Inspiring and helpful."

Annie Fienburgh

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